Political prisoner faces “critical state of health”

From Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Francisco Chaviano González, a Cuban political prisoner, currently faces a critical state of health, and his wife, Ana Aguililla, desperately seeks his liberation so that he can obtain the medical care he needs. In May, Chaviano González will have served 13 years in prison. “In November, the cardiologist diagnosed him with an arterial obstruction of about 70% and other high risk heart problems,” explained Aguililla. “Add to that a rapidly growing lung tumor. Both of these problems require delicate surgical interventions, which could only be carried out outside of a prison.”

Chaviano was arrested on May 7th 1994 by Cuban State Security and confined in Villa Marista, falsely accused of “Revealing State secrets.” After 11 months of solitary confinement, Chaviano was tried in a military tribunal despite the fact that he is a civilian, and was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment. Those who were accused along side Chaviano have all been released, while he remains living in inhumane conditions at the Combinado del Este Prison in Havana.

For over a decade, Aguililla has been fighting for her husband’s liberation. “All the petitions made to free prisoners, especially political prisoners, become a battle of useless proceedings. In the prison, one is sent to the General Administration for Jails and Prisons, and from here one is sent to the Tribunal, and from the Tribunal one is sent once again to the prison, continuing a cycle. In Cuba, nobody gives a concrete answer concerning claims on behalf of political prisoners, they simple accumulate petitions.”

Ana Aguililla calls on all international organizations and foreign governments to demand the liberation of Francisco Chaviano González.

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