A new sign castro’s army is restless

Babalu writers were among the first to notice signs of trouble brewing in castro’s military.

To recap, castro’s army is rife with discontent – Cuban enlisted men recently shot two of their officers near a Santiago prison. It was triggered when a group of enlisted men had made friends with a prisoner who offered to take them to freedom’s shores if the soldiers would let him out. The enlisted men went for it, but their officers tried to stop them. In the end, the enlisted men fired at the castroites trying to stop them. It was, quite simply, military mutiny, the kind that proved such fertile ground for Lenin’s violent takeover of Russia in 1917. Read it here.

That’s one incident that we know of.

Then things got wilder when a Cuban exile group called Commandos F4 recently broadcast their takeover of a whole regiment’s worth of weapons from a Cuban army unit. From the comments section in Babalu blog, readers heard this report over the radio, and said that the Commandos F4 said the Cuban army was fed up and more than willing to join forces with potentially a brewing rebellion. See the whole thing here.

Obviously, there are severe signs of trouble in the Cuban army and these are just two of the instances we know about.

Proving the point, though,is today’s perfect counterindicator – word from raul castro, fidel’s little brother, that all is hunky dory in the Cuban army. Now why would raul say that?

Yes it’s a counterindicator, castroites hate the fact that word is getting out about Cuba’s growing revolts in the army. Word out about matters like this might encourage even more troops to revolt or look for Commandos F4.

These are very dangerous times for the castroites. If you can stand to open Prensa Latina, the state-controlled castroite propaganda organ, the link with raul praising the Cuba army is interestingly timed, and posted as the top story, here.

4 thoughts on “A new sign castro’s army is restless”

  1. Gracias, George. Montaner hears things, he’s in touch with the Madrid Cubans who are very tuned in with what’s going on in castro’s hellhole. He’s rarely wrong. If it’s not on his web site, can you send me a link if you know of any? I would love to learn more. If not, I will see if I can email him, I want to know more about this I think it has massive potential to bring changes to Cuba. I would like to see castro go out on a meathook.

  2. We find out about Cuban dissident blogs, and we get emails and they are trying to stop that flow of information. I’ve heard that there has been at least 40 arrests since raul took over. There are satellite dishes and programs being taped; just today there was a story from Havana about how Cubans are twarting the efforts to stop that. Especially noteworthy, Cubans are watching commercials, and seeing for themselves what exile shopping looks like, and what life is like. I’ve read about a number of breakins where people are taking what they need. (It’s not stealing to take back what is yours) It somehow “leaks” out that those young recruits shot an officer. Where’s security? Looking the other way? It the proverbial finger in the dyke, they can’t stop it. Counterindicators, oh yes! I’m not saying that the regime is on the verge of collapse, but clearly somethings up.

  3. The entire dictatorship is nothing more than a rotting corpse internally, just waiting for the spark to open up the mortal wound.

    Sorry to say this, but the entire country needs to be overthrown, burnt down, and cleansed. One mass riot throughout the country to tear up what Castro has failed to destroy, and start over. I will say this. No one is to be killed except the CASTROs, after a midnight Plaza de Revolucion under-the-lights show trial. The rest of the henchmen should be put on balsas in the direction of Caracas.

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