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  1. I remember my mom getting her green stamps at Publix Market and reedeming them at the “S&H redemtion center” on Ponce de Leon Blvd in Coral Gables-about four blocks north of the Gables movie theater. Which reminds me-I also vaguely remember the competitor “Blue Stamps” Grand Union Market would give away.

  2. I remember getting a Gas Station with the stamps. It was about 3 feet wide came with little cars. Had a platform for oil changes. I believe I got it for Christmas. Quick Check had them right ??

    Ahhhh the memories.

  3. Omar, that’s the same green stamp store my Grandparents went to. I remember going with them and redeeming the stamps for a plancha and a secadora de pelo. AAAhhhh – great memories.

  4. I lived in east Hialeah close to the Hialeah Bowling lanes next to the famous club which I forgot the name. Across the street in another shopping center there was an S&H store where you would redeem the tickets for the item you would choose. In that same shpping center there was the famous teen club called the Forest.

    Doesn anyone remember the name of the club across the street next to the Hialeah Bowling lanes?

    AH Memories!!

  5. 1. omar, do you remember the thai restaurant in that shopping center? how about the cg youth center just a short drive down le jeune? my first 15 years in miami were spent on le jeune, first just of 8th street, the apartments at 1201, later on i moved down the the corner off university, by the youth center, 3172..

    2. val, how about the mutiny?

  6. Daniel,

    I remember the mUtiny, but I was a bit young in that era for it.

    In the Gables i remember Adolph’s reader’s World. Where most of my allowances went for MAD magazines and comic books.

  7. Hmmm …. I don’t remember getting anything from their catalog, but I do remember sitting by “el porche” of our little apt. near Merita Bakery, and licking the things for my mom, and pasting them on the books.

    It was Mom’s way of providing arts “quality time” in those days; guess she probably did get something at the store, she did all the “chopin.”

  8. ooh i remember adolph’s world.. did you buy the baseball sticker book where you had to buy the packs and fill the book? my abuelo loved that.. i remember hed swear every time he got a dodger player, he even referred to them as brooklyn.. i never forget how hed always give me the stickers i needed for my book, even if he needed the same one..

  9. he really enjoyed those sticker books.. for some reason, i’d always get tony perez doubles, it was on his cigar box, i put one on his radio, on his baston after his stroke..

  10. I remember the blue stamps from Grand Union. My mother would go to the one on Flagler and 13th Avenue, across from what is now San Juan Bosco Church They had a pick-up center on Flagler St. near 12th Avenue here in Miami (close to the Oso Blanco Market). I remember my mother getting a red metal cooler for the beach(I still have it!), a camera, beach chairs and umbrella. She would always get things that the whole family could enjoy. It was my job to lick them and put them in the book. They had two sizes, the little ones you had to fill the whole page with and large ones that you only needed two or three per page. My mother kept them in a metal tin and I would check once a week and paste them. Anyone remember if Kwick Check stamps were orange?

    And yes, I used to buy my magazines at Adolph’s World also.

    What memories!!!!!

  11. Daniel,
    I ate at the Thai restaurant in the shopping center across the street from Casanova’s.

    Does anyone remember the Miami Vice episode where James Olmos fights a bad guy using Karate in the alley of where the teen club Forest was located? The club was transofrmed to a Chinese Restaurant for the filming.

  12. Orgullo:
    they let you LICK the stamps!?!? we had to use the esponja cause way back then, before anthrax and seinfeld my dad said the gum on the stamps was bad for you..

    the thai restaurant i was talking about was in the publix shopping center, in the gables, it was next to the dean whitter (i think it was dean whitter, could have been smith barney)

  13. Daniel- The green stamp redemtion center was not located in the shopping center you mention on Lejeune, it was on Ponce. The shopping you bring up had (has?) a modern Publix, and while I don’t know the Thai place I do remember a wonderful bakery there which made a killer cheesecake. Do you remember when nearby Venetian Pool was not chlorinated and was emptied an refilled daily?

  14. Orgullo,

    The stamps from quick check were yellow with orange writing. I remember we had more of them than the Publix ones. My mom was and still is a penny pincher. Publix was too expensive for us back then so we would go to “El Winy Wisky” like my dad called them.

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