Hey, let’s make all nicey nice with raul!

Um, ok. Maybe not:

Cuban political prisoner hospitalized gravely ill as a result of a brutal beating at the Boniato Prison.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, CUBA- February 26 (Aidee Rodriguez Rodriguez,
Santiago Press/Puenteinfocubamiami.org)-

Fifteen officers at the Boniato prison ganged up to brutally beat the 55 years old Cuban political prisoner Francisco Herodes Diaz Echemendia who is serving a 20 year and 9 months sentence for political reasons in Cause #46 of 1990.

The beating was ordered by Major Iovanny Batista Betancourt who is the prison’s director and also by Alain Rivero Montero, Chief of the prison’s Interior Order.

The injuries sustained by Diaz Echemendia in such brutal beating were so severe that he was immediately admitted in critical condition at the prison’s hospital facility.

Reporting from Santiago de Cuba for the Information Bridge Cuba Miami, Aidee Rodriguez Rodriguez, correspondent of Santiago Press. Given on February 23rd of 2007, with the collaboration of Plantados Hasta La Libertad y la Democracia en Cuba.

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  1. There is a project currently underway to identify all who have been murdered by Fidel Castro. The toll currently stands at 102,000. Of course, we won’t know the exact number until Cuba’s killing fields are excavated: the only killing fields in the world that are still wet with blood after 48 years of continuous use. There is something else which should be done to honor their memory. It is to compile a comprehensive census of their verdugos (henchmen) along with their official positions and the crimes imputed to them, so that we will already be one step ahead when the time comes to deal out exemplary justice to the likes of “Major” Iovanny Batista Betancourt and Alain Rivero Montero.

  2. After spending his entire life as Fidel’s unconditional gopher and lackey, dedicating himself totally to upholding and maintaining his odious brother’s iron rule, it would be a kind of poetic justice if the whole rotten edifice came crashing down when he’d finally gotten it for himself. God, what vile, foul and hideous creatures poor Cuba has brought forth!

  3. “God, what vile, foul and hideous creatures poor Cuba has brought forth!asombra

    Not Cuba, my friend. The Castro brothers are the bastards of a Spaniard volunteer and his Syrian housekeeper. They are accidental Cubans. Our poor country did not spawn these monsters, though it has spawned others in the last 48 years.

  4. I take your point, Manuel, but let’s not kid ourselves. As you note, there’s been no shortage of monsters, which is a major reason why the Castros got as far as they did. No one or two or a few people, no matter how horrible, can destroy a country all alone.

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