Build your bio-bunkers now, folks…

fidel castro’s government secretly creating biological weapons? It cant be. The ENCASA people and all those reporters have never, ever even alluded to mentioning anything about no biological agents.


MIAMI – The former chief of Cuba’s military medical services is calling for international weapons inspections of a secret underground lab near Havana, where he says the government is creating biological warfare agents like the plague, botulism and yellow fever.

Roberto Ortega, a former army colonel who ran the military’s medical services from 1984 to 1994, defected in 2003 and now lives in South Florida.

After living here quietly for four years, this week Ortega went on the Spanish language media circuit to denounce what he claims is an advanced offensive biological warfare weapons program. He spoke Tuesday night at the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies where one angry heckler stormed out accusing him of deliberately sowing fear among Cuban exiles.

“They can develop viruses and bacteria and dangerous sicknesses that are currently unknown and difficult to diagnose,” Ortega told The Miami Herald. “They don’t need missiles or troops. They need four agents, like the people from al-Qaida or the Taliban, who contaminate water, air conditioning or heating systems.”

He said Cuba was ready to use the biological agents “to blackmail the United States in case of an international incident” such as the threat of a U.S. invasion.

How long before the fidel castro boot lickers start swearing that Ortega is part and parcel of the extremist, intransingent, right wing cabal that is the Miami Mafia?

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  1. Val I am shocked and speechless! How such humanitarian government as the Cuban one can make those horrible biological weapons!, how a government which provide free healthcare and education can do that?.

    Ok, sarcasm apart, it’s time the MSM started to report that stuff, mainly because it affects every country in the Caribbean. Let’s hope they don’t start spinning what Mr Ortega said.

  2. Val,

    I’m kind of surprised that this news received one comment.

    I am of two minds on this. One is not serious and one is deadly serious.

    First, I get the “Casablanca” references of: “I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find gambling.” We should not be shocked.

    Second, what does the US do about it, invade Cuba like Iraq, hold “talks” with Cuba like with North Korea or Iran recently?

    Years ago I could not understand why we sent 500,000 soldiers 6,000 miles to Viet Nam. The US had communism 90 miles from our shores. Add in all the cultural, economic, etc. ties which proved we had much more of an interest, at stake in Cuba on so many levels.

    And later with the missles much more of a military threat.

    At 55 years of age I still cannot answer the question I had at age 19.

    And this latest revelation has shades of that unresolved question. In all seriousness, at least for me.

    Maybe you guys have an answer about what do we do about this latest news.

    I sure don’t.

  3. I am not surprised, when the Anthrax threat was going around in 2001, there was a Spanish news videoclip about some hidden laboratories of the Cuban government dedicated especifically to biological warfare.

    I would be shocked if the MSM reported it, but never mind, that would be expecting too much from them.

  4. So what else is new? Please don’t be fooled… The U.S. Intelligence community is well aware of castro’s threat to the security of the U.S. Why hasn’t the U.S. government done anything about it is anybody’s guess. Below I have listed a few articles.

    “An October 10, 2001, report on said, “With help from the Soviet Union’s massive secret biological weapons program, Castro was able to build one of the world’s most sophisticated biotechnology industries which can also be used to build weapons of mass destruction.” Former Soviet scientist Ken Alibeck (see below) says he helped to train Cubans in this technology, which he now regrets. “This work would be used for developing biological weapons or biological agents. As a result of this, we helped Castro develop biological weapons. It was such a stupid decision.”
    Also reported: Gen. Charles Wilhelm, a former Southcom Commander said: “The indications we have is that they have the capability to produce those type of substances.” The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which investigates terrorist threats, said in a 1996 report, “Cuba has been a supply source [to terrorist groups] for toxin and chemical weapons.”

    Castro: A Threat to the Security of the United States
    “Many Cuban engineers and scientists have been trained in former East Germany, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, and China. China’s firm, Beijing Neuke Instrument Co. has collaborated very close with Cuba. Castro has spent, since 1991, over $ 3,500 millions in instruments, equipment, materials, with very little commercial application, only vaccines against hepatitis, meningitis, and the development of interferon. It was announced early in 1999 that the government has spent the equivalent of 1,000 millions of pesos, roughly $50 millions during 1998 in upgrading the facilities.
    Two prominent Cuban engineers, Mario Limonta and Luis Herrera, are at the technical direction of operations. Also, the scientist Concepcion de la Campa Huergo has been very active in these efforts. The group works by sections, departments, where one group does not know the work of the other groups. They have developed, from marine technology, with the assistance of Japan, which never knew what the final product was, a paralyzing toxin, which is now ready to use.”

    Cuba in the Middle East: 2000-2002 “May 10: Speaking at the Islamic University of Tehran, Fidel Castro stated: “Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees. The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness from close up.” During his stay in Iran, Castro inspected the construction of a joint Cuban-Iranian “biotechnology complex, the largest and most modern of its type in the Middle East,” according to Granma, the official Cuban newspaper.”

    Castro’s Cuba: Asymmetric Threat to the U. S.?
    “As soon as Castro began losing the military support of the Soviet Union and the Russians could no longer resupply him with conventional armaments, he began preparing for his coming war with the U.S. by focusing on the development of biological weapons the poor man’s nuclear weapons which might be effective even without using his army. The fact perhaps explains why Castro didn’t object to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s suggestion to stop working on the Juraguá plant.

    Several observers believe Castro was sending a clear signal to the United States when in January 28, 1998, his speech carried the threat, “This lamb cannot ever be devoured, neither with airplanes, nor with smart bombs, because this lamb has more intelligence than you and in its blood there is and always will be poison for you!”

    Ayatollah Fidel and Iran’s Cuban vacation
    “Among Castro’s proudest achievements is his Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIBG), a huge research and development enterprise in which he has invested much of his cash-strapped nation’s resources and intellectual capital. While some of his shipments to Iran are surely to provide medical drugs for Iranians, skeptical observers suspect there’s more than altruism at work.”

  5. Okay I’m pretty sure the US spy guy’s read this blog thoroughly – if they are wise. Here’s a strategic tip-off. Monitor the movements of Raul’s family and friends. When these rats all leave the ship it signals the launch of the bio-attack. George, that would be the time to go in fast and furious WITH OUT WARNING! But right now would be smarter. It’s the dry season and it would give the military time to roust out the criminals and get the civil engineers busy draining the swamp before the mosquito infested rainy season sets in.

    Or you could be remember as the prezy that saved Iraq but lost several million Americans from an attack just 90 miles away. Why haven’t you gone in already?

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