2 thoughts on “Songuacassal Is Back!”

  1. Tony Montana is not the flipside of Guevara, but represents the culmination of Castro’s legacy — the “New Man” which the Revolution purports to have created in the image of “Che.” This “New Man,” who is only an old gangster, is transplanted to the U.S. and continues true to the criminal instincts which Castroite society fosters. It is, of course, much more offensive to wear a tee-shirt with “Che’s” image than one with Tony Montana’s. Tony Montana is fictional. “Che” was real. Tony Montana killed fictional people. “Che” Guevara killed real people.

  2. Tony Montana’s image does not even belong in the same discussion as Che’s. Not just for the reason that Manuel pointed out, but also because fans of the film associate Tony with drugs, murder, and a lifestyle that is generally accepted (even by fans) as bad.

    Che’s image on the other hand is associated (at least by the idiots who don the clothes and hang the posters) with a justifiable struggle than anyone should be honored to undertake.

    If Tony Montana’s fictional legacy is any more dangerous to society than those of characters from the Godfather (I wonder how many Cuban-Americans who call Scarface dangerous would think the same if they saw a Corleone t-shirt. I wonder how many own that DVD.), it is only because it does a disservice to Marielitos. That is the only historical context that most ignorant fas of the film make the conection for, because it is the only one provided. Outside of that, I’m going to have to say that the vengeance is – in my opinion – not worth the energy and lacking in foundation.

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