Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, and liberal hypocrisy

I’ll be brief in this post because I have to start another 60-hour work week in a few minutes. But I had to get this off my chest or I’d explode with anger for the rest of the day. Liberal blogs and the MSM are all in a tizzy reporting one of the events below; on the other there is dead silence. So here’s a quiz: Which of these two events do you think is getting the loony left’s underwear up in a bunch?

(a) Ann Coulter appears at CPAC and calls John Edwards a “faggot.” Obviously, an insulting comment directed at a (ne’er do well) presidential candidate by someone who writes humor columns from the conservative side.


(b) On his HBO humor show Bill Maher openly regrets that Vice President Cheney wasn’t assassinated during his recent trip to Afghanistan. Another insulting (and almost criminal) comment regretting the fact that a sitting Vice President wasn’t killed.

If you all guessed (b) you’d be very wrong. The local liberal blogs are all outraged — OUTRAGED! — that Ann Coulter called Edwards the “F” word. But where’s the outrage about Bill Maher? There is none. Why? Because they are all flaming hypocrites.

End of brief rant.

8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter, Bill Maher, and liberal hypocrisy”

  1. Val,
    Why don’t you want it covered? Bill Maher had made equally stupid remarks regarding Elian and such.
    I don’t find him funny either.
    George, you are right on… As bad as Coulter’s remark was, Maher’s was much worse, yet the double standard arises again

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