There’s hope for the Orlando Sentinel

Recently the Orlando Sentinel published an editorial claiming that the embargo is “Fidel’s Best Friend.” I responded by writing a letter saying that Fidel’s Best Friend can be found in the newsrooms and editorial board rooms across the country because the US media has largely ignored (at best) and aided (at worst) castro’s despotic rule. Of course they didn’t print it but they have a columnist named John Bersia who wrote a column worth reading.

That Castro has retained a consistently tight grip on Cubans’ throats while indulging his fanciful but failed ideology for all these decades strikes me as both unfortunate and absurd. In addition, his rule insults and stifles the creativity, capability and possibilities of Cuban society.

Although I generally wish ill upon few people, I draw no pleasure from hearing that Castro feels good — or that he is happy, as he cheerfully shared with Chavez. I honestly do not care for him to return to work. What I really desire is for him to fade away as quickly as possible — and to take his anemic, artificially propped-up system with him.

The time is coming.

4 thoughts on “There’s hope for the Orlando Sentinel”

  1. I’m glad he’s doing better. May G-d keep him alive so I can see him how I wan to. Wearing that trendy Sadam Hussein NECKLACE! Que clase de coco me estoy haciendo con eso!

  2. “Even if Cuba has enjoyed certain successes under Castro — which I readily acknowledge — those cannot replace, make up for or rationalize freedom lost.”

    Just for ONCE… Please, please, please… Just ONCE, can anyone please, list these SUCCESSES for me?

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