An island on the airwaves without a bearded dictator


After some coaxing and negotiation I have convinced Val to join me on my Blog Talk Radio radio show. And to do it right, we’re changing the name to The Babalu Radio Hour. Click the logo above and you’ll be directed to our Blog Talk Radio homepage where you can listen live at 8:00 PM tonight or you can listen to a recorded version of the show a few hours after it airs. You should be able to subscribe to the podcast at iTunes by searching for Babalu in the music store under podcasts (after we air our first show).

The show will be a little lighter than what I’ve done solo in the past, and if Val gets a few beers in him before we start it could be very funny. We may even have a special guest on to talk about global warming (hint, hint).

So remember 8:00 PM tonight. Once the clock strikes 8:00 PM reload the page that is linked above and a play button should appear.

9 thoughts on “An island on the airwaves without a bearded dictator”

  1. I just heard from Al Gore, but he’s unavailable to do the Global Warming segment tonight.

    Sorry guys…I might just have to step in for him.

  2. let’s see….if I get home from work at 5 and I drink, say, 4 beers per hour, that means I will be nice and sauced, having consumed a twelver, by 8 pm.

    Im ready to rock.

  3. Please make sure the playback feature is working properly. I won’t be able to listen live, but will get to it later tonight or tomorrow. Good luck; and no belching into the mike, Val.

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