4 thoughts on “Marketing Murder”

  1. If they’re going to name drinks after one of these DICK-tators, they should at least call them a “Bloody [Fulano],” ala “Bloody Mary.” At least that would be somewhat close to their actual legacies.

  2. Thanks for this Ziva!

    Kusturica must translate into pathetic into english! 🙂
    It’s clear who are Kusturica’s heroes … does the red in raspberry honoring che stands for all the blood? … does the black in blackberry honoring castro represent the black cloud over Cuba and Cubans for the past 48 years under castro’s regime? How about Maradona? Is his flavor vanillaberry? … for all the cocaine? I’m sure that these little “fatigue green” bottles, once opened will not taste fruity, but rather quite sour!!

    As we would say: “Le sumba al mango”

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “There is only one good – knowledge; and only one evil – ignorance.” ~ Socrates

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