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  1. No other appropriate place to put this, so I’ll put it here:

    Done With Mirrors blog post “Auto-da-fidel”

    Too many people apologize for Castro, but it gets particularly hypocritical when the group apologizing is supposedly dedicated to an aspect of freedom, in this case the “Freedom to Read”.

  2. Thanks for the linkback, Val!

    For those who missed their morning cafecito, as I did, and thus didn’t click on the story…

    I blogged about the newest hare-brained scheme of Fifo’s, namely, to replace all the old, clunky, but capacious refrigerators with new, teency-tiny Chinese — ones which leak.

    In the tradition of Cubans everywhere, the fridge has already been nicknamed by the locals, “El Llovisnao”.

    And if you can stand it, the Canadian author also recounts the dreadful difficulties of finding meat anywhere, and the hoops Cubanos have to go, get any food.

    This article is important, because of the amount of Canadian citizens who go to the island, who have no idea about the true Cuba because they just want a cheap place to vacation.


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