A Lesson in Reality

Humberto Fontova gives The Free SoftWare Foundation’s founder Richard Stallman – who wouldnt know what freedom is even if it kicked him square inthe balls – a well needed lesson in real freedom, via NewsMax:

As usual, the mainstream media, the writers for John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Bill Maher, etc. found no material worthy of their bosses’ smirky irony in the scene. Here’s a man adamant about people having “the freedom to control every part of their lives” as guest of honor for a regime that mandates what its subjects, read, say, earn, and eat (both substance and amount), and where they live, travel, or work.

Here’s a hippie-dippy spokesman for peace, love, and total freedom who regards copyright laws as intolerably oppresive smiling gratefully — while being introduced onto the podium by a secret police chief for a KGB and STASI-trained force who jailed and tortured more political prisoners as a percentage of population than Stalin’s police under Lavrenti Beria, and who executed at a higher rate than Hitler’s pre-war Gestapo under Heinrich Himmler.

read the whole smackdown here.

5 thoughts on “A Lesson in Reality”

  1. This is yet another example of not only what we are up against as an exiled people, but also of what lies ahead in the near future. When the rotting corpse that is now most likely being kept in a freezer somewhere in a heavily guarded basement in Havana is finally wheeled out and thawed for public viewing, we will experience the next wave of ridiculous, and to be completely honest, offensive reporting on the event. The death of the tyrant will be reported as the death of the brave revolutionary, who for nearly five decades, withstood the pressures and harassment of the evil American imperialistic empire. And, God willing, when freedom and democracy finally return to our enslaved island, few will be the articles extolling the precious restoration of freedom to the Cuban people. Unable to completely ignore the transition to democracy, most reporters will only state the the Cuban people have decided to “experiment” with a different type of political system.

    It is no mystery that all of castro’s apologists are liberal. American liberals, although they go to great lengths to tell everyone they are just as patriotic as conservatives and love the USA as much as them, are for the most part, intellectually dishonest. How can you love freedom, the foundations the USA was founded upon, and find nothing wrong with Cuba’s dictatorship? I know there are a few out there, namely the ones that reside in Hollywood and make their living from the entertainment industry, that truly do appear to lack the intellectual wherewithal to make a valid judgment on the matter. The others, however, are educated and politically savvy people that lack the respect to be honest with the citizens of this country, as well as the world. Those are the ones that love castro, and defend him based on the fact that he has stuck his middle finger out at every US administration since January of 1959. That, in my opinion, constitutes a hatred for one’s own country, not patriotism. Love Bush or hate Bush,love Clinton or hate Clinton, it does not matter. Although they were politically polar opposites, they were or are the leaders of this country and we, as its citizens and benefactors of the freedoms it has bestowed upon us, owe them respect and loyalty. I may not like my own brother for personal reasons, but that would not give anyone outside my family the right to insult him and hurt him. Regardless of how I feel about him, he is my blood and it is my duty as his brother, to defend him.

    The liberal ideology machine will continue to spew out the emotional tidbits it has always spewed to feed the masses. Facts, to your typical liberal, are nothing more than annoying little obstacles that get in the way of their emotional positions. Ask a liberal what they think of castro and they’ll begin to recite infant mortality rates, literacy, free health care, etc. Ask them however, how many people have been executed, jailed, or have just disappeared in Cuba for their political ideas since 1959 and they all draw a blank. You see, those “facts” get in the way of their “feel good” ideas that castro is this rebel that has stood up to the US and given the Cuban people all these wonderful things. You see the same reaction with che. Most people think the movie Motorcycle Diaries is the quintessential historical description of the man, but how do you leave out the murder of hundreds by his own hand?

    Facts have nothing to do with the liberal mindset; it only muddies the waters for them. So prepare my friends, for it is a long road we face ahead of us. Hopefully, in spite of the reports that are being published today and the ones that will be published in the future, we will yet get to see the long awaited and eventual breaking of the chains of enslavement from our beloved island. Once that is accomplished, I am sure none of us will really care what the liberals have to say.

  2. PilotAl has eloquently summed it all up. It is the liberals, specifically Hollywood and people like this misguided fool, who continue to perpetuate the myth that all is fine in Cuba when in reality, the don’t have a damn clue.


  3. Basically, Stallman is what can be referred to as a “hippie-extortionist,” wanting no one to “profit” from “open source” operating systems -except for himself, of course. He owns the licenses for the Unix kernel, or “root.” This he uses as the cudgel to beat the “big bad capitalist misusers of ‘his’ system” on the head and to attempt extorting from them. Linus Thorvalds (of Linux fame) has already distanced himself from Stallman and intends to challenge the fruit-of-the-loon in this arena. There was an excellent article on the subject in Forbes Magazine in the last 2-3 months; wish it was in front of me to share details – actually, here it is – http://members.forbes.com/forbes/2006/1030/104.html

    The posting on liberal pathology goes a long way to explain the mind, if it can be called such, of this short-circuited loon – who needs to be stopped cold.

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