Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour

Just a quick reminder that the Babalu Radio Hour is on tonight at 8 pm. Im assured by our technical department that there will be a minimum of train wreckage and that the show will go on without any hitches. So, come eight o’clock, just click the graphic here and it will take you Blog Talk Radio live.


And just like last week, we are planning on having some fun while we cover the news, take some calls and of course, let out some hearfelt desahogos.

The following are a few of the news items we’ll be discussing:

What do a commie pinko writer, a bearded cadaver and a tin pot dictator wannabe have in common?

Glorious feats and hardships?

fidel castro, the comeback kid.

The revolution will continue for all time.

You want wheat? Three cups.

I got your normal relations RITE HEAH.

A jamar.

Pots meeting kettles at the UN Human rights council.

We’ll also be talking about the Cuba Nostalgia Convention, the El Exilio Project, and of course, el desahogo. So join us, call us, and tell fidel, raul and company exactly what you think of them.

7 thoughts on “Tonight on the Babalu Radio Hour”

  1. Coño…it’s Al Gore again on the show!

    Hey Al, didn’t you read yesterday’s New York Times which pretty much trashed many of the points you made in your Oscar-winning documentary?

  2. I finally got a chance to listen to you guys live. Awesome program. Maybe I’ll call in the next time I get a free Wednesday night! Keep up the great, informative work. You guys are a valuable asset to the Cuban community.


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