The Revolution: Evolution in Reverse

The following picture shows something that, under normal circumstances and in a normal country, is not that uncommon: a few cable tv or satelite tv trucks in a residential neighborhood. The problem is, however, that this picture was taken in Cuba so normal circumstances like those in a normal country dont apply. Since it’s Cuba, the whole thing is backward. Those cable and satelite tv trucks and workers arent there to set people up with the latest tv channel package in HDTV. No. They’re out there searching for and removing satelite dishes.

Because that’s how a despotic regime such as castro’s stays in power, by controlling and limiting the information the people are privy to.


Read the accompanying report from ballsy independent journalist Jayme Leygonier at Abajo fidel.

2 thoughts on “The Revolution: Evolution in Reverse”

  1. Imagine living in a world where you are gripped by fear and panic at the sight of a cable van pulling up to the curb in front of your home. It makes the irony of fidel’s useful idiots in Hollywood and the American MSM all the more sickening.

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