Barbara Walters’ Circus

I’m glad I only had coffee this morning. I just finished seeing clips of Barbara Walters’ interview with hugo chavez.

Seeing these fawning, uninformed, amateurish, sycophantic communist infomercials makes me sick to my stomach. I know that the vast majority of people in this country will see this and say, “hugo isn’t such a bad guy; he wants to eliminate poverty, He’s concerned about the little guy.”

Barbara Walters is a disgrace to her profession. For her to give an enemy of every freedom-loving individual in this country a venue to spew his bullshit is an abomination.

Ignorance and stupidity will surely kill us all.

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  1. Barbara Walters is one of those people that we should include in our Hall of Infamy if ever Cuba is free and we are able to set up some type of museum to document Castro’s attrocities along with his accomplices like Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Wayne Smith, Herbert Matthews, etc.. that made this nightmare possible by giving the tyrant a patina of legitimacy and covering up his excesses.

  2. Esquiusmi, pero, what do you expect from a bimbo who sits every single freaking day next to the White Trash Orca (Rosie O’Donnell) listening and watching AND justifying the fat slob’s diarrhea of the mind and mouth?

    Next to Oprah and right before Couric, Walters is the most OVERrated info chick to ever disgrace the boob tube. Bit if she’s still around, obviously it’s because she still gets an audience: I say, pull the plug. Babosa.

  3. Barbara Walters and her ilk are exposed for what thay are in Larry Solomon’s “Fidel Castro’s Dupes.” Solomon is a Canadian who writes for The National Post. He is, without a doubt, the most knowledgable Canadian expert on Cuba. Perhaps the only one. In the attached article are links to other articles which I am sure you will want to check out also:

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  4. Fidel Castro loves to make gifts. This, however, doesn’t reflect any generosity on his part, because the gifts he makes consist of stolen property. He gave Leonid Brezhnev Napoleon’s pistols stolen from Julio Lobo’s collection of napoleonia, the world’s largest. He gave Danielle Mitterand, the wife of French president and Nazi collaborator Francois Mitterand, the Cuban republican presidential Sevres china, stolen from the nation. And he gave Barbara Walters’ for her services a gigantic priceless chandelier from the Menocal home. She has it hung in her New York apartment. The Devil knows what else she gave her.

  5. The infamous Walters TV interview of Castro many years ago filled me with disbelief and outrage. The disbelief is long gone, but the outrage remains. She played into his hands and gave him what he wanted, as I expect she did with Chavez (no, I’m not about to waste my time watching her latest “coup”). What she and others like her want most is to score the “big” interview and the attention and name recognition that go with it. Their real goal is to be media stars, A-list, even if it means prostituting themselves to get it. We’re definitely NOT talking Oriana Fallaci here, whose name they’re not fit to utter.

    Walters, who’s by no means an isolated or unusual case, has not only functioned as a useful idiot (though she may be perfectly aware of what she’s doing), but I expect she’s actually proud of appearing “close” or “tight” with the likes of Castro. She may even feel gratitude to such a monster for helping to advance her career–and next to her career, the Cuban or Venezuelan people are nothing to her. Unfortunately, given the bias of the MSM, it can definitely pay to kiss LEFTIST dictator ass, and there’s no shortage of eager ass-kissers.

  6. Yes! I remember the priceless chandelier that Castro gave Walters and how she had the audacity to gloat over the gift! If Cuban Americans had a foundation, or a think tank like other ethnic groups have, they could start a campaign to discredit the bitch for accepting that chandelier. I liken Walter’s acceptance of that chandelier to a VIP accepting from Hitler stolen art treasures belonging to Jews and we all know what is happening to all of those stolen treasures nowadays. Thanks to numerous lawsuits, they are reverting back to the descendants of the people who were the rightful owners. By the way, among other things that Castro stole from the Cuban people, he gave the late Pope John Paul one of two existing 1st edition–and therefore priceless–Felix Varela books and he gave Chavez Antonio Maceo, or some other Cuban general’s sword [if I remember correctly].

    Castro has systematically impoverished Cuba, given away or sold off her art treasures at Sotheby’s and Christies, allowed her architecture to fall apart and even destroyed her fauna and flora. What will he leave us when he [and his brother] is finally gone? It’s a tragedy of unmeasurable proportions.

  7. Castro, Qadaffi, Hussein and now Chavez? When will the likes of her stop giving Americas’s enemies prime time opportunity to spill their venom against us. Back in the 40’s if she would’ve attempted to interview Hitler, Tojo or Mussolini, and accepted gifts from them, they would have thrown her in jail or better, executed her for TREASON. It’s more than obvious that she has a sick, sociopathic and ghoulish fascination with murderous vermins such as Castro and Chavez. A shrink should help her with this pathetic psychopathology. This sorry ass of a human being is truly a disgrace for journalism!

  8. Ray:

    I didn’t know about Castro’s gift to John Paul II. So even the late pope stooped to accepting stolen property from Castro! I wonder what he gave to Mother Theresa, who was such a great admirer of his.

  9. Manuel,

    Yes, it’s tragic. The late Pope accepted from Castro an extremely rare Felix Varela book of which only two in the world exist. I think that it might have even been a manuscript! Those are the gifts that we know about, God knows what he has given others like Dan Rather, Jimmy Carter, the late Peter Jennings [may he be burning in Hell!], Jean Paul Sartre [another one that should be burning in Hell], etc..

    Anytime that someone goes to Cuba, Castro takes a piece of Cuba [that belongs to us] and he bribes them with the stolen loot which of course they accept! It’s enough to make one sick.

  10. It will be all the much sweeter when ALL these people have to give back all the STOLEN property they’ve received.

  11. We will never recover everything that has been stolen. In fact, we won’t even know everything that was stolen. Only a fraction of what was stolen by the Nazis was ever returned. Unfortunately, in most cases, the spoilers kept their spoils.

    Something which Castro has that was stolen specifically for him is Bolívar’s sword. It was taken from a Venezuelan museum by Marxist guerrillas 20 years ago and presented to Castro. All that Chávez had left to give Castro was a teacup that once belonged to the Liberator.

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