Black Spring

Claudia4Libertad reminds us about a very special and solemn annniversary coming up:

Four years ago on March 18, castro instituted a crack-down on dissidents and journalists, jailing 75 people, all peaceful opponents of the regime and journalists trying to do their jobs. Their prison sentences range from 10 years to 28 years. The Cuban government is determined to crush independent journalism on the island but so far has not been able to. Cuba has jailed more journalists per capita than any nation in the world, and with the exception of a few groups, the public outcry is… missing! The bloggers advocating for the freedom of Cuba are trying to make the world aware of this heinous injustice- spread the word!

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  1. Thanks, Val, for posting my blog article. Just when I thought I had heard every heinous thing about castro, I learn something new and even more heinous, i.e. la primavera negra.

    In a country where we value free speech so much, sometimes I have to scratch my head at the lack of reaction of our liberals when they hear of something as basic as freedom of speech being violated in Cuba. No freedom to speak out against the regime, no freedom to make songs advocating the death of the “president,” no movies simulating the assassination of their leader…and yet a journalist (or several dozen) are thrown in jail in a neighboring country (to which these same people, like codepink, are outraged because our government is violating their “right to travel”) (that was recently added to the constitution, btw) and I see no protests, no news coverage, no concerts for to make people aware of the violation of civil rights… NA’. Can you imagine if all the loudmouths in Hollywood were to be arrested for speaking out against President Bush what would happen? I’m going to close my eyes now and enjoy the mental image that this idea conjures up….

    Spread the word and visit
    Asha is doing a great job.


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