We Get Letters…

Today I received this email (in Spanish) which is a response to a recent El Nuevo Herald article about University of Miami students participating in a simulated United Nations. The rub is that the UM kids have to “represent” Cuba.

“To represent or To justify?”

The diplomatic structure of the current totalitarian in Cuba is built on the platform of strategic justification of its existence, focusing its efforts on obtaining legitimacy in the arenas of the international community.

The exercise that the University of Miami has imposed on these young people, to my way of thinking, not only represents contempt toward to the true base of the legitimacy of any government in the world, the right of a people to freely choose “their” government, but is also a “sterile” exercise by nature: to justify the unjustifiable, to defend the indefensible.

To my way of thinking, the danger this exercise represents is more serious than its uselessness, but rather that it builds on, and practically excuses, the turning upside down of the values on which the same United Nations was conceived.

State terror is not a matter on which to build.


A Cuban Citizen.