Herald Jumps on Comeback Bandwagon

It didn’t take long for the Miami Herald to jump on the castro comeback story released two days ago.

On today’s front page.

The article adds nothing meaningful to the initial AP report, just the same questions with quotes from the usual suspects: Ricardo Alarcon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Silvia Wilhelm. Frances Robles did manage to interview ex-political prisoner Sebastian Arcos, as well as Phil Peters of the Lexington Institute. There’s your balance right there.

With so many knowledgeable sources in Miami, you would think Robles would have been able to find more credible people for the story, right?

The consensus appears to be that fidel will play the role of a senior advisor, or “consultant” as Silvia Wilhelm put it.

I tend to agree with Phil Peters:

“If he’s 100 percent, nobody is going to stop him”.

Oh well. More of the same in Havana.

7 thoughts on “Herald Jumps on Comeback Bandwagon”

  1. As I said from the beginning fidel had a stroke or series of strokes. It has reduced his ability to speak and the pain killers the doctors are giving this wimp make him even more incoherent. Making it worse for the regime raul is too chicken to become emperor. Their days are numbered in months rather than years!

  2. Well, they have been tinkering with that artificial anus for some months now; it is now reported to be capable of articulate speech. In fact, Fidel sounds a lot better from that end than from the other. What Castro’s caregivers haven’t been able to figure out yet is how to use that to his advantage. A talking ass, however articulate, will no doubt offend some people’s sensibilities and cause them to dismiss the priceless words being emitted from it in bilious clouds of gas. There has been talk of grafting Castro’s head on his anus or vice versa; but this is all in the experimental stages. In any case, all agree that when the kinks are worked out this promises to be the greatest triumph of Castroite medicine.

  3. P.S.: Raúl is also fascinated with the possibility of having his own head grafted to his ass, though not for medical reasons.

  4. Without cASStro, lotsa herald staff would have no copy ….. thus they need to keep him (gasp!) alive.

    Losing proposition all around.

    Aaahmm gonna enjoy the sunshine and the dry weather. You all have a great weekend!

  5. If fidel is getting so much better, where is he, hm?
    I call BS.

    Back when fidel had his little trip that fall a few years ago, my guess is that a whole plan was put in place to keep the analysts guessing and the wolf away from the door in the event of a real health crisis for castro. Pictures were taken, phone calls were recorded, and visits were videotaped— possibly all while fidel was recovering from the broken leg.

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