Deadly Arsenal in Cuba?

It’s about time someone in the MSM acknowledged the fact that the castro regime is up to something besides complaining about the embargo. Tonight, Fox’s “Hannity’s America” aired a segment about bio-chemical weapon production in Cuba. Guest expert Dr. Manuel Cereijo presented evidence that Cuba’s bio-technology centers, CIM, BIOCEN, and CIGB have the capability to produce bio-chemical weapons. It was heartening to see Cuba’s threat taken seriously, however I wish Hannity had presented his audience with more background information, especially regarding convicted Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes and her role in the State Department’s report downgrading Cuba’s threat.

Did you watch the show, and if so, what did you think?

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  1. And Castro probably has nuclear missiles, too. His obsession with Khruschev’s, like a niño bitongo’s obsession with another kid’s toy, probably did not go unsatisfied. And if he does have weapons of mass destruction, the U.S. probably knows about it and has known for years.

  2. To be honest with you, I don’t really listen to Sean Hannity’s radio show that much anymore. He has a tendency to be a waffler. I remember back when the Elian Gonzalez story first broke and Hannity went on his show and started saying that the father should have rights and that he should go back. Then Rush started saying that he should be allowed to stay in the US and Hannity flip-flopped and followed Rush’s lead. Sean Hannity was obviously ill informed on Cuba and for the most part I think he still is. I still like him overall and it was great that he covered the topic but I like you, think he could’ve done a better job.

    I much prefer Mark Levin. In my opinion, The Great One is the best there is in talk radio today.

  3. Dino this was on TV, prime time. When was the last time you saw a story about the threat of Cuba on primetime TV? My point is that America was watching, we already know the story.

  4. I would have liked for Mr. Hannity to have interviewed Ken Alibek. He’s the Russian scientist that testified before Congress on May 23, 2000 (before Ana Belen Montes was arrested) and again on October 12, 2001 (after Ana Belen Montes was arrested). Overall, I believe the program went well.

    Check out this site from NTI “Working for a Safer World”. Also check its board of directors. Ted Turner (of all people) is the Co-Chairman.

    How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in the Pentagon

  5. I know it was on TV, I’ve watched Hannity’s show on more than a few occasions. I like it because he usually has Mark Levin on as one of his pannelists.

    I really hope that this gets a lot more national exposure. I always believed that if we were to be hit with a nuclear weapon that it would come out of Cuba. If we have learned anything from 9/11 it’s that we can’t afford to fall asleep and ignore hostile governments who wish us harm around the world. We must keep our guard up at all times.

  6. I have said this before I know first hand that the US government does not listen and doesn’t really care about Cuba. Let’s face it, its only important around election time. And once again, “Here we go again.” Ana Belen did a good job. I know that for a fact. Her opinion about Cuba was widespread among certain people in the intel community and the DOD. Its amazing how well the Cuban Intelligence Services operate. Let’s see what Ileana & Lincoln come up with.

  7. This was an interesting report but I doubt that Cuba would actually launch a biological weapons attack against the US. That would be suicide for them because it would give us an excuse to invade. Also, they are financially dependent on us: all that money coming from Miami, not to mention the food. Remember Cuba is our sixth largest trading partner. The embargo is a myth. The bigger threat is from Venezuela, where terrorists can get fake passports with Spanish names and enter the US.

  8. Mariana, Logically, I can’t disagree with you, but when it comes to the castro brother’s, logic doesn’t work. The U.S. has underestimated the castro brother’s capabilities for 50 years. I firmly believe that fidel castro would happily sacrifice Cuba for the opportunity to inflict harm on the U.S. Don’t forget he tried to get Khrushchev to nuke us, and he’s been involved in just about every action, terrorist or otherwise against the U.S. during his regime. In addition, I don’t see much evidence that he cares at all about Cuba; it is just a commodity to him.

  9. Manuel,

    Interesting point about castro having nuclear capability leftover from the Russians. I had a person I worked with when I was in Florida who was a Cuban exile who gave me the same opinion/fact in 2001.

    Is there any source available to substantiate it?

    You are only the second person I know who has mentioned it.

    It sounds possible.


  10. JackW:

    Giving the level of Soviet largesse at one time and the fact that no matter how much the Soviets pumped into Cuba living conditions there never seemed to improve and the infrastructure continued to turn to dust, it is a fair question to ask: What did Castro do with the money? Certainly he skimmed a good deal for himself, but surely not the $26 billion that the Soviets (ironically) claim to have given him. There is only one answer: Castro used the money to develop Cuba’s own nuclear missiles.

    Of course, I have no evidence for this assumption (otherwise you should not have had to ask me about it). Let’s call it a gut feeling derived from my assessment of Castro’s character and everybody’s knowledge of his past obsession with nuclear weapons. Fidel Castro would never have found comfort in a mere paper (the Kennedy-Khrushchev Pact). He wanted the missiles. And as we should all know already, what Castro wants Castro gets.

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