Cuba Nostalgias Past

Just thought Id post a compilation of some of the past Cuba Nostalgia Convention entries for those not familiar with the event to get a better idea of why it’s important that we attend:

First and foremost, Babalu rumberas.

Our first year coincided with the unprecedented Asamblea dissident meeting in Havana. Folks at the convention were coming by and getting the news of this event straight from Babalu. Posts are here, here, here and here.

Musica Cuban at Cuba Nostalgia.

The heartbreakingly painful Muro del Desahogo.

Un piloto de Cubana de Aviacion.

More from la Asamblea.



Emails to fidel. Here’s another one.

T-shirts for Democracy.

Remote Cuba Nostalgia Blogging.

Bloggers supporting Babalu at Cuba Nostlagia, 2005.

Cuba Nostalgia 2006:

Great writers.

Classic cars, the entrance and the Babalu exhibit.

Babalu in the news.

The Pedro Pan exhibit.

Another email to fidel castro.


El Encanto.


Inspiration and gratitude.

The che cunundrum.

Sticking it to ENCASA.

A letter to Wayne Smith for all to see.

Three generations emailing the dictator.

Che Hunter.

La Reina del Bolero.

I hope the above gives you all an idea of just what the Cuba Nostalgia Convention is, what it means to be there and all the hard work it takes to have a successful exhibit. It also takes a fair amount of money to get everything done and this year, more than the previous years, we’ll probably need a bit more as I plan to launch the El Exilio project by video taping exile stories from the Convention floor.

I have to admit that despite all the hard work and preparations and running around, we have a great time each year. We get to meet readers of the blog in person, we get to talk to older folks who have never heard of a blog, much less Babalu, and let them know that our generation hasnt forgotten their sacrifices nor their pain and that we stand willing to carry one with their love of Cuba and their fight for her freedom. We get to see three, sometimes four generations of Cuban exiles experiencing Cuba together, perhaps for the first time. We blog, we take pictures, we talk to tons of people and enjoy great music, food and the company of our friends and blog colleagues – all of us together at the convention as we are on the net.

So, if you’ve been thinking about coming down to Miami this year, consider making it the weekend of May 18 through the 20. You can take a few hours away from visitas and enjoy Cuba Nostalgia and spend some time with us at the Babalu Pavilion.

And, if you can spare a few bucks to help us defray the costs, please drop’em in the till. You can use the paypal button below or email me for an address if you prefer to donate via check or money order.

Thanks to all and I hope to see you all at Cuba Nostalgia, Ill be the tired looking, frazzled guy with a mojito in one hand and a pan con lechon in the other.

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