How much work would you do for $15 a month?

Thanks to castro, inc. Cubans, who once enjoyed a standard of living comparable to the United States and gladly worked for that comfort, are now paid a slaves wage in the name of the revolution for meaningless work at jobs they did not choose. For this they suffer shortages of everything, inadequate transportation, inadequate child care, and inadequate motivation to produce for an unelected government who steals everything from them. Why should they work? Why should they do anything to provide comfort and security for fidel castro, raul castro, their families, and the criminal thugs who protect them?

More regulations imposed on oppressed Cuban workers: (my emphasis)

Cuba Launches National Campaign for New Work Discipline Laws

HAVANA (AP) — Senior Cuban officials are analyzing a pair of new labor laws taking affect next month as the island’s official media cranks up a campaign about the rules aimed at beefing up work productivity.

The official Communist Party Granma on Monday devoted its back page Monday to the upcoming regulations, which many workers complain are too strict and impossible to follow. State TV in recent days has aired messages about the need for the new regulations.

Cabinet Secretary Carlos Lage oversaw a meeting by senior Cuban officials last Thursday and Friday examining the regulations taking effect on April 1, Granma newspaper said. Parliament speaker Ricardo Alarcon also attended, along with numerous government ministers.

Contained in two resolutions known as 187 and 188, the package of new rules call for workers to arrive at work on time, work their scheduled hours, and remain at work during their scheduled shifts. Workers are also explicitly prohibited from taking any kind of personal payment from third parties for information or any other service.

The regulations also call for government offices to stay open longer so Cubans can handle necessary government paperwork such as getting a driver’s license or processing housing documents without missing work.

Granma quoted Labor Minister Alfredo Morales as saying that most workplaces have already adopted some of the new regulations and many are already open longer hours.

The communist newspaper acknowledged that many workers face additional problems that will make it hard to comply with the new regulations, such as unreliable and crowded public transport and limited hours for child care.

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4 thoughts on “How much work would you do for $15 a month?”

  1. new rules call for workers to arrive at work on time, work their scheduled hours,

    Ziva , please tell me how a cuban worker can get to work when there is no adequate transportation ..

    I encourage the Cuban government to buy new buses ( thousands of them from the chinese) before this law can be implemented

  2. For pretty obvious reasons which are a function of the unnatural nature of the system, what passes for “working” in Cuba is NOT what is meant by working in the US. The attitude is something like “the government pretends to pay us and we pretend to work.” Working officially in Cuba is mostly going through the motions, and of course taking illicit (strictly speaking) advantage of one’s workplace or work situation to acquire what the official salary doesn’t even begin to provide. That’s why, when people who’ve known no other system come to the US and start REALLY having to work here, they can feel like they’re being taken advantage of, exploited or abused.

  3. Fidel’s revolution has truly created a worker’s paradise. (end sarcasm)

    And yet, people have proclaimed to me that Castro’s efforts help the poor. I always want to add onto the end of that statement the words “…stay poor”.

  4. Abajofidel, and that’s after they somehow manage to resolver the plumbing, the power, and other needs to prepare for the days struggle. Slaves were treated better.

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