Cuba’s biggest food supplier, right here, folks

castro is the hemisphere’s leading purveyor of hunger. He took Cuba, a country that exported food and imported immigrants in 1959, to a bottom-of-the-barrel state that must import food from and export emigrants to the nation it seeks to destroy. It’s a record of hypocrisy and calcified moral blindness that deserves utter scorn. This bearded thug turned a productive state into a nonproductive beggar nation in less than a generation, and less than 50 short years since his seizure of absolute power. There’s no one to blame but himself.

But the United Nations continues to praise him for his supposed “free” health care that does not actually exist, and throws in additional praise for Cuba’s supposed hurricane preparedness. It praises Cuban education and Cuba’s quaint pre-1959 “heritage” when all it’s doing is looking at wastelands of ruins and hovels.

Now the truth will out – the number one supplier of Cuba’s food, once again this year, is the heartless U.S. that supposedly is strangling Cuba with its embargo. castro’s doing just fine, eating our food and cursing our nation. The disgusting truth can be read here.

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  1. Don’t forget that the exiles shoulder a large part of the blame for duckin’ out when they felt like it, instead of working from within to better Cuba.

  2. “instead of working from within to better Cuba.”

    I think you mean “instead of working from within A PRISON to better Cuba.”

  3. Nico,

    “NI CON guayabitos en la azotea” your statement is acceptable … either you are getting your historic facts from the wrong source, or you are plain ignorant of what a repressive, totalitarian, communist regime does to the citizens of a country … many Cubans left, but plenty remained … and I’m certain that the majority want change, but how can you effect change, when you don’t have the basic freedoms to do so? When you are not allowed to critize? Look at what has happened to those courageous souls who have defied the government … Basic FREEDOMS are indispensable for anyone to be able to “better” something, and “basic freedoms” were left out of the Cuban “lexico” almost 50 yrs. ago.

    I wish you well:) Melek

    “The usual road to slavery is that first they take away your guns, then they take away your property, then last of all they tell you to shut up and say you are enjoying it.” ~ J. A. Donald

  4. It does seem odd that the only people that it is important enough to keep faithful about the embargo with are Cuban Americans. I guess this best explains my argument. I am pro embargo, I am against flagrant travel to Cuba by those who “escaped” yet I am for necessary remittances. With that said all the remittances, visits, etc are made void by the exceptions made for businesses to trade with the enemy. All the travel restrictions and remittance limitations won’t do squat as long as the US through trade continues to supply Cuba. Castro is still in power, businesses keep making money and we Cubans are the only ones paying a price.

  5. Nico:

    The only way that “working from within” works is if the government in power allows its citizens to dissent. If Gandhi or Martin Luther King had been in castro’s Cuba…they would have rotted in prison or been eliminated by firing squad.

    I suggest you read up on your Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian tactics before you make such a fool of yourself again.

  6. you guys are wrong, the power of the masses has shown itself a few times, and then what do the powerful masses do? remember april 1980? better yet, remember 1960? So much power, but greed led most of those people to withdraw from the fight and guard their own.

    Well, be grateful for, and don’t hesitate to congratulate yourself on our current, immediate state, but there is no ground for Cuban-Americans to claim allthewhile that in Cuba it is all castro, and that he is some kind of all-powerful superhuman and nothing can stop him and cuban tyranny, because there is something,. and I think fidel said it himself…
    can’t find it, but it was something like “los que la pueden destruir son ustedes, los cubanos.”

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