More and more ridiculous by the minute

Granma, the official mouthpiece of the Cuban government, publishes an “editorial” written by fidel castro and the MSM takes it as gospel that the dictator is fine and dandy:

Fidel Castro writes first editorial since surgery

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba’s Fidel Castro published his first editorial since his July surgery on Thursday, signing his name to a scathing article on U.S. biofuel plans for Thursday’s edition of the Communist Party newspaper Granma.

The article — e-mailed to the media in the early hours of Thursday and later posted on Granma’s web site — said nothing about Castro’s state of health, but signalled that the convalescing leader is following world affairs closely.

It was the latest indication that Castro has no plans to retire from the limelight, after comments by various government officials recently that he is recovering well enough to soon take a more active role in government.

(emphasis mine)

According to this Reuters “reporter”, the editorial published in Granma “signaled” this and that and is the “latest indication” that castro is alive and kicking. Meanwhile, he has not been seen publicly for months, has granted no interviews to any reporter for months and all reports of his recuperation has been forwarded by the government and plebes like Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.

Imagine the uproar if a US president had disappeared from the limelight for months, not granted interviews and not been seen for months, and then the government released a statement containing an editorial supposedly written by him. Do you think all of these reporters world take the US Government at their word, or would they demand physical, tangible proof that the President was in fact alive and well?

For crying out loud, when is a reporter or journalist covering Cuba going to have the balls to report the fucking truth and not one handed them by some Cuban government lackey?

Update: Fausta tells “fidel” “I got your ethanol RITE HEAH!”

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  1. I’m afraid we will have to wait until Castro and Communism are no more in Cuba for the MSM to report the truth at long last about what happened there over the last 48 years. By then, of course, it won’t matter.

    It was only after Khrushchev posthumously attacked Stalin that the Western media at last admitted the crimes they had concealed for a quarter-century.

  2. BTW, exactly when did Castro become editor of Granma so that his writings there should be characterized as “editorials.” Can you imagine George Bush having an “editorial” published in The Washington Post or even the Congressional Record? The MSM unwittingly acknowledge the truth about Cuba even when they lie: Castro is anything he wants to be in Cuba.

  3. I look forward to the day when Cuba is free and there will be a way to hold those in the MSM accountable as accomplices to castro’s crimes.
    Its frustrating, but it shouldn’t be Val. You should not expect the liberal communist loving msm to do any less.

  4. I have to agree with Manuel on this one. It was a reporter from the N.Y. Times (coincidencence with Cuba?) named Durant who was reporting from the Soviet Union how wonderful, happy and well fed the workers were in the 1930’s, and how the loved Stalin. And then in 1956, during a Communist Party Congress Khrushchev exposed him for what he really was: a monster who had killed and imprisoned millions. But the Soviet authorities were able to fool countless reporters from the MSM about the real state of things there. Any similarity with present day Cuba is just a coincidence, of course. Yeah, right!

  5. jsb:

    There was no Granma in 1960. Fidel Castro, of course, is anything he wants to be in Cuba, as I pointed out already. He is not, however, the official editor of Granma (unless he appointed himself to the job before submitting his “editorial”). It is therefore incongruous that the MSM should refer to his writings there as an “editorial.” Still the media have unwittingly hit on a great truth: Fidel Castro can be pope, president or Indian chief in Cuba.

  6. The fact that this so called editor has said before: “we will produce more cheese than France, we will harvest caturra coffee around the ring of Havana, we will have 60 millions eggs a year, we will harvest 10 millions tons of sugar, we will produce milk from the my genetic invention cows, we have invented pigmy pigs, etc, has gone unnoticed by the MSM. All of the above simply abysmal failures as everything else he does. The guy is a King Midas in reverse, everything he touches turns to crap. But has the MSM noticed that? No.
    This so called editor destroyed the thriving cattle industry in Cuba, has decimated the sugar industry where now Cuba produces less sugar than in colonial times, and is importing fruits, vegetables and coffee from other countries whereas it exported all of those before, has also gone unnoticed by the MSM. And now this bull crap about the bio diesel fuels. And as usual the MSM takes everything he says at face value and as gospel. Nothing has changed, just more of the same BS. we are used to from that source. But what can you expect from a guy who is full of it?

  7. “The headline reads: Condemned to premature death by hunger and thirst more than 3 billion people of the world.

    ”This isn’t an exaggerated number; it is actually cautious,” says the article, which was distributed by e-mail early Thursday to international correspondents by foreign ministry officials.”
    Take special note of the “distributed by email…to international correspondents by foreign ministry officials” so now Ap and Reuters are spoon fed by email by the propaganda machine. Maybe we should rename AP and Reuters as well as the others “granma lite”. Some brag that they have a city desk in Habana. They all do its called the foreign ministry officials.

  8. Actually fidel wants everyone to keep their minds on ethanol rather than methanol as his personal methane generator is on the blink.

  9. There is a big difference between not knowing and not admitting or not saying, a big difference between not noticing and not wanting to let on one notices. The MSM may be a lot of things, but they’re not stupid. They know perfectly well what the score is, but they say and do what suits them and their agenda. They will continue doing it as long as it remains feasible. When and if they have to change their tune, they’ll do it as if they’d never acted improperly. It’s disgusting, but so it goes.

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