¿Cómo se dice put my foot in my mouth?

I’m so sorry, as soon as I saw La Conchita’s comment, I realized I’d forgotten all about lent and how inappropriate the sandwich Cubano post was. I’m not Catholic, but that’s no excuse. Then there was the phone call from my Catholic school teacher daughter…”Mother!” It’s not likely I’ll make this mistake again. She’s sending me a calendar.

6 thoughts on “¿Cómo se dice put my foot in my mouth?”

  1. Ziva,

    No need to worry. You are forgiven. By the way, since you are not bound, please have one on me 🙂

  2. Ziva, you have nothing to be sorry for.
    Not everybody is Catholic, and not all catholics abstain from meat on Fridays during lent
    we are a diverse group and thanks goodness for that

  3. No need to apologize. I do not see Ana “Cara de Caballo” Menendez apologizing when she make a faux pas, like her recent bloviating for the ambulance-chasing showboat lawyer John De Leon.

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