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  1. This weekend I am going to mass print che t-shirts (honoring his pre-Cuba personality) being that I am an enterprising Cuban -American. Now understand that I hate che and what he did to Cuba. With that said are there any Cuban – American blog sites that would be willing to let me advertise on your site? Obviously not. I would be burned at the stake. So what is the difference between me a nobody and the celebrities?

  2. Guess what? on the weekend i will be drinking beer,margaritas, pina colada, etc etc etc.
    nothing else to do….no football yet!!! when to youth fair already, pool is still cool, what else can we do….

    and here is a good friday humor..

    Los zapaticos de rosa

    Hay sol bueno y no hay espuma
    ni jabón para lavar,
    y Pilar quiere comprar
    en la “shopping” con un yuma .
    Vaya mi niña divina,
    dice el padre y le da un peso.
    Papá, ¿y qué hago con eso?,
    si no es “CUC” no camina.
    Yo voy con mi niña hermosa,
    pues todavía estoy “buena,”
    “jineteamos” en la arena
    y resolvemos mil cosas.
    Y se fueron las dos luego
    por la calle veintitres.
    La madre ligó un gallego,
    y Pilar ligó un francés.

    Está la playa muy linda,
    ¡como roban en la playa!
    Le robaron la toalla
    a la “jinetera” Florinda.
    Y a la pobre Magdalena,
    con tres meses de embarazo,
    le metieron un trancazo
    pa’ robarle la cadena.
    Está Alberto, el militar,
    que trabaja con “Gaviota,”
    y le huye a la poca cuota
    echando un bote a la mar.
    Pilar corre a su mamá:
    Mamá se formó el “despelote,”
    déjame irme en un bote,
    yo te reclamaré de allá.
    Esta niña caprichosa,
    ¿Le diré que no o que sí?
    Anda y me escribes de allá,
    y me mandas muchas cosas.
    Bien sabe la madre hermosa
    que aquí hay que “jinetear,”
    y si no te dejo ir Pilar,
    ¿quién me manda a mí las cosas?
    Y dice una mariposa
    que la vio al bote montar:
    Ahora sí vas a comprar
    los zapaticos de rosa.

  3. I will take advantage of the open thread to post my usual I WANT A SANDWICH FROM SARUSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look, I got the wife to switch from red beans to frijoes negros, shes making a kickin picadillo, and earlier this week she started to get a handle on vaca frita. She makes pseudo fritas that are passable outside of Miami. She surprised me with frituras de malanga. Shes f’d up los platanos maduros every time, but managed to make tostones. But what I can’t get here is pan cubano and my FREAKIN SARUSSI SPECIAL!!!!!!

  4. Looking forward to my weekend mornings home-made coladitas, enjoying the sunshine and dry weather while we have it, and breathing fresh air in a free place. We’re gearing up to make Easter baskets for kids in a shelter and just plain having fun with them.

    A great and SAFE weekend to all fellow Babalusians!

  5. This seems like a very interesting book. I look forward to reading it and meeting the author next week:


    I have one more chapter left in “Child of the Revolution” by Luis M. Garcia. It is an excellent book written with a wry sense of humor (or ‘humour’, as he spells it) from his perspective as a child. What fascinates me so much about it is how ordinary people got swept up in the revolutionary fervor and became milicianos and how people, esp. kids, put their faith in the promises of fidel and communism despite the empirical data and the undeniable truth that is before their eyes. One of the many tragedies of fidel castro’s revolution (it is his, not the Cuban people’s) is the hatred, mistrust, and fear he sowed among the people toward others. It is sickening and you actually feel it as you read Mr. Garcia’s memoir. Babalusians will likely not learn anything new about Cuba but Mr. Garcia’s wit and the childlike innocence he brings to it makes this a great story.

    This brings me to my final point: Those of us who are still lucky to have relatives who lived through those early years as fidelismo crept its way through Cuba, seek them out. Learn their stories. Mine them for as much as you can. Understand how they persevered for freedom for their families in the face of hatred, separation, and loss. Those stories make up our collective Cubanidad and will aid our perspective once Cuba is free. Peace to all and enjoy the weekend.

  6. I’ll be slowly going nuts this weekend, hoping that my husband is OK. We had a bit of a scare this week, and are waiting for test results.

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