Cuba: What Americans Don’t Know

Alex of Cuba Speaks has an excellent post based on an article from Agustín Blázquez collaborating with James Sutton.

Do you want to know the truth about that so-called “free” education in Cuba?

The education that children receive in Cuba from kindergarten on is geared to create a new type of human being. Implicit in the 1976 Cuban constitution is an all-encompassing structure to educate and mold children. Parents do not have the authority to deviate from this structure.

“The Code of the Child and of Youth (law #16, June 28 1978) demands that every child receive communist formation so that he develops a communist personality. Article 8 of that code requires that the state protect him from other influences. It says so in these words:

Society and the State work for the efficient protection of youth against all influences contrary to their communist formation.

The Cuban constitution demands the same and states in its article 39 that the education must be Marxist.

Article 62 of the Cuban constitution states: that no rights granted by this constitution can be exercised against the existence of and objectives of the communist state. The infraction of this article is punishable.”

Beginning in preschool, children are taught songs and poems praising the revolution and Castro, establishing a personality cult around his figure. Also, belief in God is discouraged. They are taught instead, to believe in Castro.

From birth, babies are controlled by the regime. Once they begin their elementary education, they are controlled by the Pioneers Union. This government organization is in charge of the indoctrination and encourages the children to be like “Che” Guevara. The Pioneers motto is “We want communism, we will be like Che.”

The children’s reading assignments deal almost exclusively with military themes, including commemorative dates of the Cuban Revolution and the exploits of guerrilla leaders. Lessons in assembling and disassembling firearms are commonplace in Cuban elementary schools, as are documentaries glorifying violent guerrilla groups held up as role models. The children are often bused – without parental notification or permission – to participate in such activities as “acts of repudiation” (violent public denunciations) against pro-democracy citizens or political protest rallies)

The real price of education in Cuba is the life and mind of your child in exchange for servitude to a dictator. I don’t see anyone moving to Cuba for their schools do you?

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