Easter prayers

This Easter, you might say an extra prayer or two for Cuban pastors Carlos Lamelas and Jose Miroel.

A reliable source writes in an e-mail I just received:

Pastor Carlos Lamelas
Many of you will recall the wonderful answer to your prayers at the end of 2006, when Pastor Lamelas was acquitted of the charges against him by a Cuban court and allowed to return home.

He has asked us for continued prayer as he has been unable to work since his arrest and trial last year. He has been prevented by the government from officially working as a pastor. When he attempted to set up a new business as a photographer with donated equipment, the government refused to grant him a license, making it extremely difficult for him to provide for his family. However, it is a crime not to work in Cuba. Although many Cubans feel their only choice is to try to make money on the black market, Pastor Lamelas wishes to set an example to the community and does not want to do this.

In March, the government cut the telephone connection to his house, making it impossible to have any communication with contacts outside of Havana.

Encouragingly, Pastor Lamelas a significant percentage of leaders from within the Church of God denomination last week voted to make Pastor Lamelas the leader of the denomination, sending a very clear signal to the Cuban government of the Church’s support for him. In addition, the denominational leadership decided to ordain Pastor Lamelas’s wife, Uramis as a minister as well, “because of her testimony and the fruits of her pastoral work.”

Pastor Jose Miroel and his family
We would also like to ask for your prayers for Pastor Jose Miroel, his wife Odelkis and their two young sons. Both sons are diabetic and one suffers from Hepatitis A. Last year they were expelled by the government from their home of 12 years in Victoria de las Tunas, in Eastern Cuba. They have been forcibly relocated to a new home, but are not permitted to engage in religious activity there. Pastor Miroel has been threatened with imprisonment and is seriously concerned about the health of his two sons. Please pray for their protection and that the government officials would allow the couple to carry out their ministry. You might also consider sending a card or letter of encouragement to the family at:

Calle 21 Nº 23 e/ 8 y 10
Reparto El Triángulo,
Las Tunas

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