Radio Mambi Today at Three

Ive been invited to appear on Ninoska’s show today on Radio Mambi . Ill be on a little after 3 pm. I dont really know what topics we’ll be discussing, but I’m sure it’ll be more than interesting.

If you have anything you might want to tell Ninoska and her audience or have any questions that your like me to ask or subject to broach, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Please tell her that I used to listen to her on La Voz de la Fundacion years ago and loved her work (specially the funny stuff), but I’ve never heard her on Mambi since I don’t live in Miami. Is ther any way I can hear her from outside the South FL area?

  2. A question I would like to hear Ninoska’s thoughts on is:

    What is your response to those in Miami who feel that there is an atmosphere of pressure and intolerance towards those who don’t agree with the embargo and other sanctions against Cuba?

  3. Don’t you think that maybe that subject might be the “E” word (Estefans)? If so, ask her she feels about the whole situation? I tuned in to her show a few days in a row after the “slap in the face” and she did not touch the subject. Also, when Miguel Savedra called in and spoke about the CD, niether Perez Roura nor herself metioned anything after Savedra’s comment and we all know that he is very energetic and not too short with his comments. I think they are on the “Give the Estefan’s a pass” boat. She was very very very upset when Cingular used the same image satana wore on his shirt to make money by selling it as a graphic you can download on to your phone. Ask her that. What’s her opinion on this matter?

  4. Omar,

    You can listen live via the internet at the link I provided.


    Coño. You want me to ask softball questions like that?



    I spoke to her briefly over the phone yesterday on that subject and she is of the same opinion as you and the rest. I have a suspicion this is probably one of the subjects we’ll be talking about.

  5. Yes, tell her to beef up/upgrade her live stream software. Mambi’s radio link on the web is totally awful. For those of us who listen online, the other Univision links are usually operational, but Mambi’s on the blink or right off the radar scope most of the time. She’d get a larger audience if they got their stream act together.


  6. I tried the univision link just now….y dice Connecting…… y ahi se queda..lleva meses asi

    Hay que decirle esto al management de la estacion

    is there any other link besides univision?

  7. I think they will have to discuss the E$tefan$ deal with Santana because that issue is gaining momentum on the internet. Such a slap at our exilio by the E$tefan$ should not be ignored by either Radio Mambi or Radio Babalu.

  8. Ask her if she thinks Moratinos wearing a VERY bright red tie during his visit to Cuba has any possible significance beyond possibly admiring the sartorial style of Hugo Chavez.

  9. By the way, Moratinos wore the same RED tie on at least two occasions with two different suits. The photos can be seen at the Baracutey Cubano site (follow the link at right under “Cubiches” and then scroll down till you hit the Moratinos visit piece). Coincidence? You decide.

  10. Val,

    I have a question/subject matter that I would like to see brought up:

    1) In view of the current ‘transitional’ situation facing the Cuban dictatorship, and their obvious nerveousnous in being able to sustain their dictatorial control, the question of “stability” or “instability” among the population is the critical factor to contend with in these times. Therefore….

    Which would be the better U.S. policy to DRIVE this critical issue (i.e. “stability” vs. “instablity”) AGAINST the Cuban regime at this critical time?

    1 – Maintaining the current U.S. travel restrictions of Cubans and Cuban-Americans in going to Cuba?


    2 – Allowing complete unrestricted travel to Cuba for all Cubans and Cuban-Americans to Cuba?

    I propose this in the context of which policy (at this critical juncture) would has the potential to give the present regime more cause for worry, and also provide the Cuban people ‘influence’ for potential instability?

  11. Val-Thanks for the link. Heard the show. Nice job, but you deserve better callers although Henry was OK

  12. I was here at work in Missouri listening to the show… coworkers thought it was interesting enough that the show was all in Spanish… but I was asked immediately for translations when that first caller was put on the air…
    “Damn she is NOT happy. What the hell’s she so pissed off about?”
    Haha… good job on the show, man.

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