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Judge orders Posada released on house arrest and the federal government immediately filed a motion to stay the order.

From the Miami Herald:

Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles must be released on bond and allowed to live with his family under house arrest in Miami while awaiting trial for allegedly lying to immigration authorities about how he sneaked into the country 2005, a federal judge ordered Friday.

Posada was not immediately released because the federal government quickly filed a motion asking the judge to stay her order pending a review of the ”adequacy” of her conditions to free Posada — and to decide whether to appeal the decision. It was also possible Posada could be taken into custody by immigration officials as soon as he posts bond.

Nevertheless, the ruling by U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone in Texas amounted to the first major legal victory for the imprisoned exile militant since immigration agents detained him in Miami-Dade County in May 2005. Authorities charged him with being illegally in the country and flew him to a detention facility in El Paso, Texas. He was transferred last year to the custody of federal prison authorities when a grand jury indicted him for allegedly lying to authorities on whether he entered the country by boat or by land.

”The conventional wisdom was that we would not get bond,” said Arturo Hernandez but this judge, to her credit, has justly considered the facts and gave us a reasonable bond.

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En español at el Nuevo Herald aquí.

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  1. This is the best news I have heard in so long! Da Roof! Da Roof! Da Roof is on Fire! We dont need no water let da mother F**ker burn(Fidelismo) ! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We win this one ya’ll

  2. Great news indeed! Though the MSM is spewing out half truths regarding the bombing of the airplane.
    He was tried twice in Venezuela, ( in military & civil court) BOTH TIMES ACQUITTED. Again the MSM IGNORES ALL THE FACTS AND SPINS THE STORY TO FIT THEIR AGENDA.

  3. Fidel se debe haber cagado con esta noticia. Fifo debe estar super furioso. Saquen la billetera que el gran pintor cubano comenzara a coger ordenes nuevas pronto , muy pronto

  4. The MSM never mentions that Fidel Castro’s 26 of July Movement carried out the first international airline hijacking of a commercial plane in Nov. 1958. The plane crashed into Nipe Bay killing most of those aboard, including women and children. Here is the article and photos
    Let’s not forget the hundreds of bombs that Castro’s underlings set off in Cuba during the revolution.

  5. ATT Abajofidel: fidel can’t shit on anything except into a colostomy bag that he drags around with quite a stink…pew!!!

  6. How can a Cuban, under current law – even wet foot/dry foot, be in the United States illegally? I thought that as long as you got here, it didn’t matter how – raft, Pedro Pan flight, swim the Rio Grande, get a gig with Dizzy Gillespie’s UN big band, just get here.

  7. The problem is that he left Cuba back in the day and became a citizen of Venesuela. That is where the problem lies. But he worked hard for the US in the CIA and there are acceptions for those who serve in the Military to get Naturalization.

    Why cant Posada get it like that? I will tell you why…..politics with our wimpy president who does not have the Ronald Reagan balls to stand up to those elements of the evil empire within and without the US.

  8. Could he renounce his Venezuelan citizenship? Or does that require he go to the Venezuelan embassy and then technically be “in Venezuela” and get arrested?

  9. His case must be very fact specific. Another way to keep those who would be iligible would be if they commited acts of moral turpitude. Even if you were found inocent some prick in the Gov with a hard on can make it hard for you.

    I dont know all the issues in this case but the Gov has many avenues to keep people out. Even if they choose to keep the mexicans in to run over teenage girls drunk driving but try to keep a patriate our!

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