From the “Really? You dont say?” Department

Also to be found in the “things are getting a little hairy here, dont you think we ought to make a public statement even though it’s complete bullshit?” department:

Cuban: System `not ideal’

In a speech to youths, the one-time leader of Cuba’s Communist Youth admitted that the system has had its failings but urged them to not give in to capitalism’s `siren song.’

Associated Press

HAVANA — One of the most-visible faces of Cuba’s caretaker government urged the island’s young people to ignore capitalism’s ”siren song,” while acknowledging that the country’s current communist system was not as ”ideal” as had been desired.

Marking the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth Union on Wednesday, Vice President and Cabinet Secretary Carlos Lage said the revolution that Fidel Castro led by toppling dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959 will have to live on in a generation that may be unsure of what it is rebelling against.

”We always knew the biggest challenge of socialism is to instill in young people a communist conscience and rejection of capitalism, without having lived in it, without having seen the moral damage it produces,” Lage said, addressing a packed house at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater.

Moral damage? Like teenage girls selling their bodies to tourists for trinkets?

Like brothers turning in brothers for extra fixins’ on their dinner table?

Like beating the crap out of someone for voicing a different opinion?

Like stealing?

Like getting pregnant in order to sell the aborted fetuses’ stem cells?

Like pimping your sisters and cousins to tourists?

Le ronca el merequetengue, folks.

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3 thoughts on “From the “Really? You dont say?” Department”

  1. Val,Felix from New Orleans.Take a look at this site ( is a Human Rights Film Festival in New Orleans and look for (SALUD).Danny Glover propaganda on the best health care sistem in Cuba.Guys send this people an EM the way you know best.saludos a todos .Felix.

  2. Unless you want to get hyper frustrated don’t see their film lineup. This is one sick liberal site. Not only regarding Cuba, but many other topics.

  3. Communism is not ideal? HA!!! That’s like saying the pile of crap isn’t that bad because while we all agree it stinks, it does have lovely earth tone colorations. The end is near for the regime that now feels they must justify the very basis for this retarded form of misgovernment.

    Better start making your travel plans for Cuba boys and girls.

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