6 thoughts on ““Oppression is not negotiable””

  1. Jaime Ortega is disgusting. All that he does is to give the Castro Mafia regime a patina of legitimacy that it doesn’t deserve. When asked about dissidents, his answer is always the same: “the Cuban church doesn’t get involved in state affairs”, but he does get involved in state affairs, since he’s always making remarks about lifting the embargo. Now he’s asking for a dialogue [read this as a monologue since no conversation with the Castro brothers is ever productive or constructive] and he’s threatening that “the Catholic Church would “never” support nor “scarcely accept” a foreign intervention in the island.” Sounds like a mighty political statement if you ask me! Well, what can you expect of someone who refuses to pray for the health of the dissidents, but prayed for the health of the monstrosity when he fell ill last summer!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if when this nightmare ends and the Cuban archives open up, we find out that Jaime is a Castro agent, or at best is being extorted by the Castro government. I always heard that the Castro government knows little dirty secrets about Ortega when he was in the UMAP Concentration Camp. Sounds plausible.

  2. It is a well known fact among religious groups in Cuba that the Catholic church has a close relationship with the Cuban government. Is it any wonder how the Cuban Catholic Church gets long term religious visas for its clergy when other groups cannot. Their non-condemnation policy as well as allowing the Cuban Government to distribute (sell) Catholic generated humanitarian aid to Cubans if quite a profitable relationship. Ortega (if he lives long enough) will have to answer for his crimes against the Cuban people once Cuba is free.

  3. Never mind how history will judge these, rather how does God view them. I believe there will be a special place in hell reserved for these so called “church leaders”.

  4. I am catholic, but the fact that he prayed for a prompt recovery for castro, made me feel disgusted. These so called Church authorities do not represent me as a catholic. How come he never prayed for the hundreds of people in jail for the “so called crimes of concience”? Why doesn’t he say something about that? This guy Ortega of all people should know better having spent time in the UMAP. The Church authorities in Zimbabwe are real catholics, Ortega is a clown and a poor excuse for a Bishop. And his despicable actions should be remembered in a free Cuba.

  5. I also agree with Ray, not impressed one bit with Jaime Ortega. I imagine if Ortega could sing he would be invited to be on the E$tefan$ next album!

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