Otter’s Cuba Entourage

You almost have to wonder who’s running the State, because Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter is heading to Cuba with thirty-five members of Idaho’s government, business, and others on a trade mission.

The list:

Gov. Otter and his wife, Lori Otter.

-State Department of Agriculture Director Celia Gould and her husband, former House Speaker Bruce Newcomb.

-Rep. Tom Trail, R-Moscow and chair of the House Agriculture Affairs Committee.

-State Agriculture Department official Laura Johnson.

-State Department of Commerce and Labor spokeswoman Sarah Freeman.

-Brigham Young University-Idaho business faculty Fenton Broadhead and Bruce Kusch.

-Randall Lindley of Darigold.

-Elizabeth Murtland of the Hands of Hope medical mission.

-Bob Naerebout and Jim Stewart, of the Idaho Dairyman’s Association.

-Carl Montgomery, vice president of the Idaho Farm Bureau.

-Matt Gellings and Scott Brown of the Idaho Grain Producers Association.

-Frank Muir and Patrick Kole of the Idaho Potato Commission.

-Ron McCune of Idaho State University.

-Ed LaVasseur of Mako Marketing.

-Frank Vandersloot of Melaleuca health products.

-Mario Saborio of Nunhems USA.

-Syngenta Seed Co.’s Arlan Turnbull.

-Mario Roxas of Throne Research.

-Earl Sullivan of RxElite.

-Gred Ledbetter and Jane Ledbetter of the Ted Miller Dairy.

-Marty Peterson and John Hammel of the University of Idaho.

-Greg Newberry and Joe Shelton of WCC/Independent Meat.

Otter also will have two Idaho State Police escorts.

No doubt they’ll all be given the usual theme park tour of Havana; they’ll be wined and dined, and provided with ample opportunity to kiss a dictators ass.

The story is here, and this isn’t his first trip to Cuba. In fact he seems to fancy dictators in “exotic” locations.

7 thoughts on “Otter’s Cuba Entourage”

  1. hey Ya’ll……I see that “-Rep. Tom Trail, R-Moscow” Is this a republican who was voted in by the Putin Russians????? Ha ha ha!!!

    I saw that and said how ironic that a “Russo” is going to Commi Cuba. Ahhhhhh….. the good old days before “El Periodo especial.”

    Fidel y los Russos …….. they know each other well, dont they, HA!

  2. Is this crowd also going to partake of the sexual trade in Cuba? After all….most of these liberal tourist go to Castros Cuba to sell goods to the tyrant or purchase young Cuban meat.

  3. Otter from “Animal House”? I thought he was a gynocologist in Beverly Hills California?

    Seriously, I sent George or Henry a post from a local Wilmington Delaware newspaper recently. Delaware businesspeople are making contacts with the “scoialist paradise”.

    Among other things they are looking to sell chicken to Cuba.

    If you cannot raise enough chickens or pigs in a country the size of Cuba, to feed your population you’ve really screwed up the economy. Cuba also imports rice. We’re not talking about importing sophisticated electronic equipment here, they just cannot feed thier own people.

    According to that article something like 37 states have had contacts or done business with the castros since the laws changed around 2000.

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