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I read in another blog (Nuevo Accion) that Luis Dominguez, from Secretos De Cuba, will appear on Polos Opuestos with Maria Elvira tonight at 8 pm. He will divulge all the names of the Cuban spies working in Cuban embassies around the world including the U.S. He gave the government of Cuba an ultimatum about three weeks ago – release the political prisoners or I will divulge the information. Of course the Cuban government was not going to do that so tonight is the big night. I have seen this guy on A Mano Limpia and he is no joke. He gives first name, last name, where you live, where you work, how much you make, if you have a mistress, etc. He is serious business. I was wondering if maybe you guys can make reference to this on your blogs so people can watch this episode. I am not trying to give his website publicity, I do not want people to miss this.



Secretos de Cuba
Polos Opuestos
Nuevo Accion

Should be an interesting show, I hope those of you that can will tune in.

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  1. Oh,oh! I think there are going to be a few people worried in Academia in Miami tonight. And this fellow has promised also to name several Cuban spies in their Embassies around the world. This should be interesting. I wonder if he is going to get a few letters from attorneys also suing him for defamation of character. We will see tonight. Please Babalu, keep us posted as to the repercussions of the programn if you can. For those of us who do not live in Miami and the surrounding areas. Thank you.

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