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  1. I am reposting this here as the other thread may have dried up. This is regarding the illegality of sending medicines to non-immediate family in Cuba. Especially since this is directly affected by the Travel Ban which involves as we see more than just travel, but the prohibition of sending necessary medicines to cousins, etc. This specific prohibition can indeed cost the weak and ill their very lives. I am in support of the rest of the travle ban, but this goes too far.

    “That is my point in that it is illegal yet that in and of itself should bother the daylights out of us. It is illegal for Cuban Americans to help arm their countrymen for revolt, it is illegal for Cuban Americans to go and fight aginst the regime, it is illegal for Cuban Americans to send medicine to someone the US has not deemed to be family. It is illegal for Cuban Americans to go see a sick relative in Cuba outside of what is deemed family as well as what is deemed soon enough by the US. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the US. They let us in when I was just a baby. But we are part of the Cuban diaspora and many, not all, consider ourselves exiles and wish to someday return to Cuba. Yet we oftentimes blindly accept what is being dictated to us by our government (US). We hear that this or that is in the best interest of the US. Well we are the US! And much of what I mentioned is not in our best interest. Why as someone said do we now have problems raising money for a project like Nostalgia because its been 48 years of nothing and people are losing hope. Outside of faithful people who post here and other places we are losing our heritage and passion bit by bit. I understand some will never consider going back to Cuba to stay. Some may say that I have to look out for whats best for the US. As Stonewall Jackson said when confronted regarding his loyalty to the Union “I love the Union, but I love Virginia more”. Well I love the US, but I love my free Cuba more. We are the US for now and things like the restrictive medicine policies are not in our best interests. Have I been hindered in sending medicines? I will take the fifth on that one. The issue is that it is illegal and that should insult the daylights out of Cuban Americans.”

  2. Regrettably the embargo has already been lifted.

    “Cuba’s purchases of food and agricultural products from U.S. firms have grown each year since exporting began in 2001, he said. By 2004, annual sales had increased to nearly $400 million, making Cuba the 25th-largest export market for American food and agricultural products. Since U.S. exports resumed, Cuba has purchased more than 280 products from 37 states, with a total value of almost $1 billion.

    “There has been a heavy emphasis so far on grains and poultry meat. Cuba was the third-largest export market for U.S. rice in 2004,” Messina said. “But Cuba also has purchased snack foods, they’ve bought wine and candy. They’ve even bought microwave popcorn and retail packages of pet food.”

    Further changes in U.S.-Cuba trade policy also could create lucrative business opportunities for U.S. agriculture in the form of joint ventures or other contract arrangements between U.S. firms and Cuban farming operations, he said.”
    Did you read that? Microwave popcorn? candy? wine?snack foods? pet foods? (for Cubans I presume)Before long trade in spite of the US embargo will surpass remittances and they will no longer matter to castro. So where is the outrage? We see it among ourselves when it comes to remittances and humaitarian aid. “Everything” that the US exports to Cuba props up the regime!

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