Catholicism and Cuba and la Caridad del Cobre

Lots of stuff in the news lately on the Cuban Catholic church, as reported at La Contra Revolucion, The Real Cuba and Uncommon Sense.

I’ve no real commentary on the matter, save to say that I believe Cuba’s Cardinal Ortega has sucumbed to the pressure placed upon him and the church by the Cuban government, and does his parish and parishioners a disservice by doing so. This is still the very same government that made religion illegal, the very same govenment that murdered and expatriated priests, the very same government that promotes Santeria as a viable alternative to Catholicism.

This year, however, marks a special anniversary for Cuban Catholics in exile. 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of La Ermita de la Caridad Church in Miami and marks the 46th year of the exile of the statue of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

Cachita 003.jpg

We took the photo above at our first Cuba Nostalgia Convention two years ago. We were lucky enough to have our booth adjacent to La Ermita’s exhibit. This year, the Cuba Nostalgia Convention will focus on this special anniversary for La Ermita de la Caridad del Cobre and the Cuban exile community. A special mass and other religious services will be held, along with an exhibit on display with historical accounts, photographs, and other presentations on the history, life and exile of the venerated Virgen of Cuba.

5 thoughts on “Catholicism and Cuba and la Caridad del Cobre”

  1. How long will we have to wait to get an apology from the church on their complicity with the castro devils? I think we’ll be waiting longer than the Jews.

  2. Jewbana: I think of Bishops like Masvidal, Estevez and Roman and find it very difficult to demand, let alone accuse, the Church in general. With that said, I am convinced that Card. Ortega is a lacky to the castro government. So maybe the apology shouldn’t be demanded from the Church in general, but from the likes of this Cardinal and anyone in specific who supports castro.

    Val: thanks for the reminder! I will especially be at La Ermita this Sept. 8th.

  3. Don’t forget:
    Castro was Catholic trained (Jesuits)
    Castro was Catholic protected (pardon after Moccada was asked by Catholic Church)
    Castro is Catholic defended (Ortega)

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