6 thoughts on “Celia – Pinar Del Rio”

  1. Thank you Ziva,
    Your timing was perfect. I was having one of my melencholy moments about Cuba and this hit the spot.

  2. My pleasure Pototo, there is almost no sadness that the right Cuban music can’t make you forget, at least for awhile. No contest, it’s the best.

  3. I think that the video adds so much to the words. Pay close attention to the scenery. Watch the palms sway to the wind in the background, then listen to the music. You can almost feel the breeze.

  4. What about those people at the table enjoying the music??? I wonder what happened to them? Did they get out or are they still suffering the tyrant’s evil abuse. Sort of makes you wonder. Bueno……VIVA GUANE! (that’s in Pinar de Rio)

  5. Ziva, thanks so much for posting both videos.

    Guajiro, we look at school pictures and pictures from my in-laws’ bodega and wonder what happened to classmates and neighbors too. Living in exile, under oppression, still alive? We don’t know. It’s too sad.

  6. That is what American’s don’t understand, they don’t know what Cuba was and what has been lost. They do not understand the horrible price that every Cuban family has paid in ransom for the dictator. The dictator who has access to media outlets world wide in order to express his views, the dictator who suffers no shortages of food, clothing, or shelter. Unlike the citizens of Cuba who are not members of the elite. The dictator who is free to travel, who is free to do anything he wants to do, but denies the very same rights to his subjects. Someone please tell me how we fight such a monster with so many allies. God damn them all.

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