A new definition for the word ‘vile’

This little article, courtesy of the Drudge Report, should make your Sunday. It seems that Michael Moore, that paragon of honesty for America’s left, took sick 9/11 workers to Cuba to show the superiority of the medical system there. Read it here.

I just don’t have the words anymore to comment on stuff like this.

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  1. I don’t get it. Doesn’t countries like Britain and Canada have single payer universal health care? At least these countries are free, liberal democracies. Then why do people like Moore constantly use Cuba as examples? As if the only way to have “universal health care” is to have a tyrant in power.

  2. David, because Lefties like Moore are enough of a bunch of farkin’ fools to think that *they* would end up as the “benevolent dictators.”

  3. Oh, it gets better . . . has anyone ever read the open letter to Elian? Parts of it went up on CubaWatch a little while ago. Absolutely incredible in its audacity.

    Looks like a case of foot-in-mouth disease.


  4. …Michael Moore, that paragon of honesty for America’s left…

    And Ann Coulter is “that paragon of honesty” for America’s right. Great. Now that we have that cleared up.



  5. At lease Ann Coulter is an educated Attorney that makes cogent arguments as compared to the Stalinist propaganda MM makes in his distorted movies.

    The left does not like Ann Coulter for her effective colorful arguments and when the left has no response they falsly smear their opponents in a harsh way.

    I am sure if Ann went to Cuba we would know the truth of this plastic attempt to hurt what is good and esteme what is Communist.

    -Anti Castro 100%

  6. In middle of such an upsetting report it definitely make me feel good the fact that some of the heroes of 9/11 that were approached by this liar fell the same repulsion that I am feeling right now for his sick ideas and refuse to participate. As Mr. Joe Picurro put it “I would rather die in America than go to Cuba”.

    Has someone here read about the other documentary “Manufacturing
    ”. Even his own are beginning to question his ethics. He is a fake.

    Here is the ULR in case the link doesn’t work http://www.bizofshowbiz.com/2007/03/fellow_leftwingers_say_michael.html

  7. I am so tired of all of these extremely liberal people supporting regimes like those of Castro! Those problems arent even that far from local Miami politics. I recently learned that Katy Sorenson’s backers are ultraliberal and supporters of the regime! Francisco Aruca and wife. Ira Kirchbaum and other Castro lackeys are the ones giving her thousands as she stands against freedom. I guess someone from Wisconsin really has no clue what Miami is made up of. We need to take a stand against Michael Moore and vote against communists like Katy Sorenson

  8. It’s not just Moore, but others like Reps. Flake and Rangel who think that we need to reevaluate how the US deals with Raul Castro, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that Raul is doing anything differently than Fidel.

    The Cuban health care system is an abject horror show, and to even begin to put the Cuban health care system on the same level as the care that anyone can receive in NYC is an example of recto-cranial inversion.

    New York is home to more medical research institutions, medical colleges, teaching hospitals, and more leading doctors in more fields than anywhere else in the world. Ground Zero workers have all kinds of treatment options available to them – most free as part of the WTC Registry.

    This is nothing but a publicity stunt and Moore is nothing but a lying communist shill.

    More here

  9. Michael Moore deserves a special place in Hell. I like to ask Moore: if the Cuban healthcare system is so superior to the USA’s healthcare system then why are the “lift the embargo” crowd [which he belongs to] always screaming that we should lift the embargo because it is denying Cubans inside Cuba USA made medicine?? And over here they always pick an isolated case, i.e.: some Cuban child–it’s always a child in order to tuck at our heart strings– suffering from some extremely rare disease. If Cuba’s healthcare is so superior to the USA’s, this argument cannot be used anymore, although–they are so inconsistent– I’ve heard the opposite argument too. I.E. Cuba has developed some amazing medicne and the embargo is denying Americans the opportunity to avail themselves of it. These people are just so slippery that it is hard to pin them down. It’s whatever is convenient to their argument at the time.

    This movie will no doubt give Raul Castro a boost at a time when the entire world should be demanding that he hold free elections. This is yet another jab at the brave dissidents inside Cuba and at the Cuban American community.

  10. About time our useless Department of Justice did a Tokyo Rose on that flabby Deliverance lard ass (he really needs a shower), ever since that rich bitch Jane Fonda got away with treason the Hogg Moores and Sean Penndejos laught away from doing quality time at Leavenworth…

  11. “It’s the ultimate betrayal,” he said. “You’re promised that you’re going to be taken care of and then you find out you’re not. He’s trying to profiteer off of our suffering.”

    This comment is by a buy named McCormack, and it’s aimed at Moore, but might as well be aimed at Castro.

  12. In my opinion, Moore is so far gone, over the top and frankly pathological that he might as well be a raving maniac, and should be treated as such. There’s no point even bothering to refute someone like this, just as there’s no point arguing with a lunatic. Let him stew in it.

  13. From Publis Pundit:

    “It’s a huge propaganda campaign aimed at deceiving people into believing that Cuba does, in fact, have the best healthcare system in the world. This is totally false. The clinics and hospitals that the everyday Cuban sees, if they see one at all, are cockroach infested hovels that one might be wise to stay away from lest they get worse.

    Michael Moore is just aiding in promoting Fidel Castro’s mythology. If he gets away with it, he’ll have all blue-state Americans believing it rather than just most of them.

    In case you missed it nearly two years ago, here are the photos of real Cuban clinics accompanying a story written by Carlos Wotzkow and María Elena Morejón for Gentiuno…”

    … and following that is a display of pictures.

    Publis Pundit post here

  14. Huh, that’s weird. Only the first of the 3 paragraphs of the quote got italicized.

    Anyway… here’s the link to the Gentiuno.com post the pics on that page are from.

  15. I wonder if Michael Moore’s new “documentary” will mention that when Castro got sick, Castro called for a doctor from Spain.

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