7 thoughts on “Carlos Ortega denounces “la Bestia” chavez”

  1. I hope Mr. Ortega doesn’t meet with the same fate that many Cubans faced while speaking up at the begining of our tragedy and since. I’ll be praying for him. Do any of you have facts regarding political prisoners and executions in Venezuela?

  2. Jewbana, According to IACHR:

    According to official data provided by the Office of the Attorney General between 2000 and 2005, the number of victims of homicides committed by agents of the state security forces came to 6,377, in which a total of 6,110 police officials were involved. Of these cases, 3346 were homicides reputedly committed by agents of state police forces; 1,198 by agents of the Penal and Criminal Scientific Investigations Corps; 706 by municipal police forces; 140 by members of the National Guard; and 72 by members of the Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP).[187] Thus, based on the information available, the Commission finds that serious levels of impunity similar to those of the last five years would appear to persist since it transpires from the report presented by the Prosecutor General to the National Assembly in April 2006 that in the more than 5,684 cases investigated by the Office of the Attorney General in which government servants are thought to be involved, only 1,560 officials have been accused, 760 formally charged, 315 deprived of their liberty, and 113 policemen convicted.[188]

    The link is here:

    At Vcrisis: http://www.vcrisis.com/index.php?content=letters/200509031125

  3. Jewbana, fidel has very long arms. The MSM is not going to print the truth about their “revolutionary” darlings. With very few exceptions, they haven’t done so for nearly 50 years and I predict they won’t, even when the bastard dies. They’ll brush it aside. You didn’t see them apologize for their complicity with Stalin, threre have been no mea culpas for Arafat. This is the Refugee “fact” sheet written for use by refugee workers. It’s a real eye opener, from by the State Dept. Take a barf bag.


  4. Ziva:

    Your last comment should have read “barf bags”, since my only reaction is to vomit: early, often, and projectile!

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