Spain finally gets one right

From El Universal of Venezuela, see boldface:

The leader of the Spanish Popular Party (PP) Mariano Rajoy said he would “never” accept that Caracas labels Spanish Head of Government as “a strategic ally” of Hugo Chávez’ Venezuela, as “this puts Rodríguez Zapatero at the same level as countries such as Cuba or Zimbabwe.”

“I do not care if the Spanish socialism lets this happen. I will not. My duty is to refuse to see Spain mistaken by one of the members of this club of enemies of freedom I just mentioned,” Rajoy said in a forum on Latin American relations hosted by Fundación Euroamérica and newspaper ABC, as quoted by Europa Press.

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Bravo, Rajoy. By saying this, you really aren’t in castro’s league.

7 thoughts on “Spain finally gets one right”

  1. Rajoy’s words sound very nice, but he’s a politician, the head of the opposition to Zapatero and company, so he’s going to jump on anything he can criticize, especially something this blatant. He’d have to be retarded not to pounce on this kind of opportunity.

    I don’t care what any Spanish politician SAYS, unless it’s backed up and made tangible by real, concrete, substantial ACTION on the part of the Spanish government. Words are cheap. Spain’s abominable behavior regarding the Cuba-Castro disaster is NOT new. Zapatero din’t start it; it goes back to Franco. It’s just more overt now because those in power are openly leftist.

    If any country should bend over backwards to help Cuba, it’s Spain, for obvious and extensive historical reasons. Why isn’t Rajoy condemning all Spanish financial concerns that have been exploiting Cuba and its slave population long before Zapatero got elected? Why isn’t he condemning the “get well soon” note sent to Castro by the Spanish king and delivered by Moratinos?

    Sorry, but I’m not very impressed. We’ve been screwed so much for so long by Spain, since 1492 actually, that words just won’t cut it. Put up or shut up.

  2. Actually, I know very well why Rajoy won’t condemn the Spanish business interests that have been aiding and abetting Castro as well as exploiting and discriminating against Cubans on the island for MANY years now. I also know why he won’t condemn the “bon vivant,” decorative figurehead king for having the moral backbone of a slug (his recent “get well soon” note to Castro is not the first instance of such repugnant behavior, only the latest).

    Rajoy knows doing those things would cost him politically in Spain. He’s a politician, and he wants to be on top. He’s interested in political capital, not political liability. He’ll go as far as he thinks is safe, but no farther. The real problem, of course, is that the Spanish people, as a whole, have never made it politically imperative for their government (any government) to take the honorable and appropriate stance regarding Cuba.

    Again, I don’t care about mere words or empty gestures. Yes, some people in Spain “get it,” but obviously they’re not sufficiently numerous to make any real difference in what the government does or what the “anything for a buck” commercial interests can get away with. It’s truly disgusting, and I say that as someone whose ancestry is entirely Spanish. It makes me sick.

  3. Though it may cause vomiting, follow the link at right to the blog “Baracutey Cubano” in the “Cubiches” section, scroll down till you reach the entries for April 19, and read the first entry.

    It’s a column (in Spanish) by Armando Valladares, relating some of his experiences with Spanish diplomats while he was US ambassador at the UN. As I said, not for the squeamish.

  4. It’s almost hopeless with the Spaniards. Zapingero… oh, excuse me, Zapatero’s opponents are part of the “Do as I say, not as I do club”.
    The best way to deal with them is the American way. DONT’ SHOW THEM THE MONEY! Spanish products, as well as Mexican(no more Margaritas)and Canadian are forbidden in my home. I’ll go out of my way if I have to. I don’t care. They get ZERO DOLLARS. I make sure to mention (more like an ear chewing)it to anyone I come in contact with. Oh and traveling to Spain? Ha! Never ever, not even gratis. Besides, it’s polluted with commies. It’s hard enough to go to San Francisco. Para is a españa señores, hay que colgar el higado en un pincho!

  5. In a free Cuba all I want to see are EASTERN EUROPEANS. They KNOW what communism is like. I don’t want any West Europeans, Canadians, Latin Americans nor ANY OTHER country that has enriched itself on the BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS of the Cuban people. As far as I’m concerned they can ALL go and F&#@& themselves. And this goes for all the American LEFTIES as well.

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