The hypocrisy of being Sting

In the 1980s, rock star Sting was one of the loudest voices in the music world singing and standing up for human rights, taking tyrants around the world to task for their crimes.

This December, he and his band, The Police, will be playing a concert in Havana, at the invitation of the dictatorship.

What went wrong?

5 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of being Sting”

  1. Sting is such a has been he thinks this will boost his career. Although the police has better music than sting……sting still sucks!

  2. So, Sting wants to go to Cuba? Great! Let’s take full advantage of this situation.
    Do any of you Sting fans out there (or soon to be not), remember the CD where there is a song that pays homage to the Plaza de Mayo Women? We all know what his attitude was about performing in South Africa during the apartheid. What if the most eloquent among us bessiege him with e-mails. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt (aka useful idiot). Enlighten him with the facts, and then ask him to explain his Janusfaced position.
    Who’s his agent or publicist? Which one of us can get this on the air and newsprint? Let’s EXPOSE HIM.
    There are many “Misinformed” (aka UI) out there in Entertainment Land. Let’s take them on, one by one. Since Mr. Sting is next to travel to Cuba, he wins the prize. In my hometown this is known as “Se saco la rifa del guanajo”.
    This is ours to win either way. We know he wants to make a come-back. Given his humanistic past, he may want to champion our cause for a FREE CUBA. Maybe he’ll write a song about our Damas de Blanco. Maybe Iv’e lost my mind? Nope, no way. Sting is going to Cuba in 7 months. Chop chop people!

  3. Jewbana,

    I second you; it is time to EDUCATE ignorant people who get the attention of the MSM one at a time. Not with harsh words but with the irrefutable true. I think that at the end it will pay off. We need to win them over.

    When I read the lyric of “The dance along” what comes to my mind are “Las damas de blaco”. Perhaps if some one eloquent enough, as you mention, approach him whit their history and the true we could end up with an unexpected ally.

  4. I wonder if the hypocrites Sting & the Police are going to sing Spirits in the Material World to Fidel and Raul Castro.

    There is no political solution
    To our troubled evolution
    Have no faith in constitution
    There is no bloody revolution

    We are spirits in the material world
    Are spirits in the material world
    Are spirits in the material world
    Are spirits in the material world

    Our so-called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    The subjugate the meek
    But its the rhetoric of failure
    We are spirits in the material world
    Are spirits in the material world

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