10 thoughts on “et tu, Sting?”

  1. Let’s send the T-Shirts to Sting. Maybe they can all wear them during their concert in Cuba. It’s sure to make fifo very happy.

  2. Mr. Gomez:

    Please stop picking on Sting just because he is a good Socialist. Gordon Matthew Sumner (Sting) was a poor child whose father was a milkman and his mother a housewife. That’s why he cares for poor people who can’t afford milk, like those living in Cuba, where he will give free concerts and free memberships to the Police Fan Club.

    I am glad that the Police concert has already been approved by the Cuban government, even though, according to Wikipedia, their drummer Stewart Copeland’s father, Miles Copeland, was a CIA agent. He was involved in covert operations against Cuba in the 1960s and later wrote about them in his book “Beyond cloak and dagger: inside the CIA.” The drummer will probably publicly apologize to the Cuban people during the concert for all the deaths and destruction that his father’s covert activities brought against them.

    I will protest your campaign against Sting and the Police by going to their concert scheduled for July 10th in Miami’s Dolphin Stadium. I already bought my $225 concert ticket from ticketmaster.com. I also paid my $100 for my Premium Membership in the Police Fan Club at thepolicetour.com. Sting and the Police charge high prices because they donate the money to good Socialist causes and do not live rich lifestyles. Just look at his album cover, Sting isn’t even wearing a shirt! I am sure that some of the Miami concert money will go toward financing some social program in Cuba.

    Fanatics like you and Vigilia Mambisa better not picket the Miami concert and upset the good time that the veterans of the Antonio Maceo Brigade and I plan on having, to remind us of our revolutionary youthful days. I will notify attorney John The Lionhearted to prepare a Federal court injunction to stop any protests at the Sting concert in Miami that will violate our civil rights of enjoying music.

  3. Henry , no te dejes provocar por Marifea. Esta claro que la persona que escribio esto es de nuestro bando que quiere que se arme un lio alli. Si Sting quiere dar un concierto en Miami that is fine. Exhorto a todos los cubanos de Miami que les gusta Sting que vayan a verlo tocar si asi lo desean.Si no les gusta el hecho que Sting vaya a Cuba eso es su problema . Lo de Cuba ya esta cuadrado con los chinos. No habra interferencia de Miami en lo absoluto. Lo unico que cambiaria esto es si el pueblo cubano y algunos de aca del exilio nos tiramos a la calle en Cuba a batirnos a tiros con los gendarmes del gobierno, de lo contrario NADA CAMBIARA alla politicamente hablando por los proximos 1000 años. Se que a muchos no les gustara lo que digo aqui pero debemos poner nuestros pies en la tierra de una vez. Cuba NO es de los cubanos. Cuba fue usurpada por las armas por los comunistas y les pertenece a ellos ahora . Para cambiar eso hay que usar la misma tactica. CONTRAREVOLUCION . Sola no se caera.

  4. This should be made into tee shirts for sale at Cuba Nostagia! They would sell like hot cakes!

  5. You know, if someone has a copy of the song, you already have the images. Throw them all into iMovie, and you have yourself something viral-video worthy.

  6. Sorry, that was for the post above. This one should be a T-Shirt and a poster. It would go up in *my* cubicle!

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