Happy Lenin’s Birthday… er, I mean Earth Day

I was struck to learn today that Earth Day falls on Lenin’s Birthday. I’ve never really studied Lenin’s life in detail so I was not aware of the dates so “coincidentally” matching up. Go figure that the biggest leftist movement in the world today — the environmental movement — would choose Vladimir Ilyich’s birthday to celebrate Gaia.

In honor of both events, I’ll spend it wishing every leftie in the world a horrible death, preferably by right-wing death squads, while using plastic bags to throw out my garbage, firing up my charcoal grill, using more gasoline than I should, thereby expelling more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and turning the A/C nice and low so I can use up more electrical power. I may even buy a big SUV just so I can consume more fuel, or maybe buy goods made from the chopped-down trees of the rain forest.

If I feel guilty later on by my actions, I’ll buy some carbon credits to compensate. After all, if it’s good enough for Algore, it’s good enough for me…

1 thought on “Happy Lenin’s Birthday… er, I mean Earth Day”

  1. George:

    Watch apparent revival of 1930s-40s communist popular front now apparently
    including Howard Dean. It seems idiotic and if true may well wreck the US
    Democratic Party’s chances in 2008

    see for example


    Dean just gave a speech to the re-named Italian Communist Party


    This if it bears out may well be the deathnell of the chances for a Democratic Party victory in 2008.

    However, there is always a chance that the GOP can blow it since some of those idiots are after the attorney General, who is an innocent compared to Janet Reno. His main sin seems to be that he isshort and his last name is Gonzalez…

    Let us see what happens

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