Cigar Aficio..what?

I recieved a pdf copy of the articles in this June’s Cigar Aficionado last week – sent to me by alert reader Barbara E. Believe me when I say this, once you read the articles contained in the special “CUBA Tomorrow” issue, not only will you be incensed, but you’ll feel the way you did as a little kid when you stole and smoked your uncle’s torpedo – green to the gills and sick to your stomach. I honestly meant to blog on it, but havent had time to do it justice.

Cuba Watch, though, took Cigar Aficionado to task today, along with Charles “I Love Me Some fidel” Rangel, Sol Melia hotels and…well…read the post yourselves right here.

Make sure you drop by, he’s also got the contact info for the magazine up. I suggest you drop them a line and tell them to stop blowing smoke up our asses.

2 thoughts on “Cigar Aficio..what?”

  1. There’s one thing that I don’t understand, WHY ON EARTH DO CUBANS CONTINUE TO ADVERTISE IN CIGAR AFICIONADO????? This isn’t the first time that horrible magazine has published a pro-Castro piece! In fact, I would catagorize that magazine as a solidly pro-Castro propaganda rag. Yet, you open the pages of Cigar Aficionado and it has page after page of advertisements by Bacardi Rum and Cuban American cigar growers. Can’t they exert their pressure like other firms do when they don’t like a piece run by a magazine or newspaper that the advertise in? Better yet, why don’t they pull all of their ads and spend their money somewhere else? What’s going on here? Will someone please explain this bizarre situation to me??

  2. I just posted a comment over at Cubawatch. I did not know about that site.

    I may be seen as a Castro supporter here but I don’t think the CA articles on Cuba were that bad, except of course of Diaz Balart and his support for the 45+ year old failed Plan A Embargo.

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