3 thoughts on “Break out the snow plows!”

  1. My first thought on reading this was that this is Cuba’s way of forcing the U.S. to extradite Posada by swaying public opinion and perception.

    I can hear Cuba saying, “Look World, we released a U.S. fugitive back to his country. The U.S. now has to do the same with Posada”.

  2. This is an insignificant move. Adjmi was a petty criminal loose in Cuba for more than 40 years! He apparently got into trouble there and was jailed. Instead of releasing him to the street, the Castro regime decided to get rid of this troublemaker by sending him home.
    There are presenty more than 87 fugitives from U.S. justice in Cuba, including terrorist bombers and cop killers. Assatta Shakur, William Morales, Ishmael LaBeet, Michael Finney, and others, are still under Castro’s protection and will never be extradicted. Adjmi was a 70-year-old pesky fly that got swatted.

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