Mysterious ways indeed.

I’m waiting to meet a Project Manager outside a dining facility where our office is doing some architectural work today and the guy calls and says he’s running late so I decide to chill out and have a smoke while I wait. I walk over to a corner of the building and there’s a really tall black guy, about mid sixties sitting there having a cigarette. He’s on break as he has a dining facility uniform on. I light up, make chit chat with the old man.

“You know,” I say. “Smoking’ll stunt your growth.”

He smiles, says “Make you die young too.”

“Well, what good is living a long time if you cant enjoy your vices.”

He smiles again and says “True. Very tr…”

Suddenly this tall, leggy beautiful blonde in her early twenties walks out of the dining facility. We both try not to look at her but man, she’s wearing really high heels and a very short – and I mean short – skirt. The girl has legs that just wont quit.

She stops about six or eight feet in front of us, digs into her purse and pulls out a cigarette. The old man and I are basically just pretending to each other that we’re not actually admiring the…um…vision in front of us.

The girl digs back into her purse and pulls out a lighter and as she’s transfering hands to light the smoke she drops it. The old man and I think the same thing at the same time – here let me get that for you – but neither one of us acts on it as we’re not actually supposed to be watching her.

Then this tall, high heeled leggy blonde with massive legs just bends over right in front of us – apparently, her knees arent working properly – and we are basically the recipeints of a major major flash. I dont mean to sound crass or disrespectful, but talk about filo! You could partically see her tonsils. The old man’s eyes, like mine, are like golfballs.

The old man and I then look at each other with the exact same grin. I have to hold a burst of laughter.

The girl lights up, sticks the lighter back in her purse and goes on her merry way.

We both look at the girl, then back at each other and then the old man smiles, nods, and says “God sure does work in mysterious ways, dont he?”


6 thoughts on “Mysterious ways indeed.”

  1. LOL!!! In my time … we would have called the spectators (Val & the other gentleman) keeping in mind the age difference … “Viejos Verdes” :))

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs – jolted by every pebble in the road.” ~ H.W. Beecher

  2. Melek,

    In your time you would not have been let out of the house with that outfit! And, I do believe my grandmother used to say “Las rodillas no son de adorno.”


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