5 thoughts on “ABC’S Bob Woodruff going to Cuba”

  1. Question #1: Can you justify your visit to Cuba when Amnesty International, that international conservative organization, considers the island to have one of the most oppressive regimes on Earth?

    Question #2: Will you visit Dr. Biscet in his 6×4 cell to ask how he’s being treated by the regime?

  2. I’m not saying that Woodruff is going to to right by his journalistic duties, but if there is any profession where you shouldn’t have to “justify” a trip to Cuba, it’s journalism. I’m all for journalists being there… it’s the only way we can ever know for sure that we have reason to feel the rest of us shouldn’t go. Somebody’s gotta be the eyes and ears.

    Like I said… whether the journalist follows through is another matter entirely. I won’t have reason to think Woodruff is any different from the rest till I see it.

  3. Let us hope he is smart enough to ask some of the incisive and pesky questions that need to be asked, but I have serious doubts about it. He comes from the MSM and they fawn over castro, they don’t ask uncomfortable questions. If he left Barbara Walters home smooching with Rosie on this trip, he already started on the right foot.

  4. Note to Bob:

    Be sure to hold out for a bigger chandelier than the one they gave Barbara Walters. If you play your cards right, you might even get a humidor with Castro’s autograph (or at least a pretty passable forged one). Then you too can impress all your little MSM friends back in the “empire.”

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