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Bust out the spoons, another link filled ajiaco:

Vaclav Havel and Lech Walesa in Germany to attend International Committee for Democracy in Cuba.

When you complete your prison sentence, it’s called being released, not being freed.

Snow plows are good for more than just shovelling snow.

A letter to Charles “I loves me some fidel” Rangel.

What was given is gone.

Pobrecitas?… Ahem.

And speaking of travel to Cuba….

Austrain Bank stops serving Cuba. Cuban government crying over spilled milk.

The MSM biased when it comes to Cuba? No me digas.

Beware the Ides of Moringas!

fidel castro:fit a a fiddle?

Mayday! Mayday! fidel missing May Day.

And finally this one, for extra credit.

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  1. Tourism in Cuba is suffering, make no mistake about. The reasons they have been holding on somewhat is because Brits and Scandinavians go there more than before.

    German tourism instead is sharply down. The Buenavista Social Club hype has faded and Germans are a bit more picky with food and service, especially as neighboring Dominican Republic is popular.

    The problem Cuban tourism has is that they hardly get repeats. The repeats they get are people who stay in casas and have personal reasons to return. The typical European package tourist in beach resorts doesn’t bother. Except for the most upmarket places (and even those get very mixed reports) food and service is usually dismal and Varadero disappoints people looking for the “real Cuba” (not the website, of course). They are carted off to Havana for one day, walk decrepit streets in scorching heat at noon and are then ripped off at the Tropicana (85 CUC!), and that’s that.

    Next year they will go to Thailand where food is so much better and you really get value for money.

    When I was there tourists asked me why locals walk in the middle of the streets in Old Havana. I told them they don’t like to have balconies falling on their heads. This earned me a stern admonishing from the “guide”. The tourists still insisted on walking in the street from there on.

    Maybe I saved their lives. The next day I heard of another derrumbe in Central Havana. Not just the balcony came down.

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