And speaking of Cuban coffee…

…because we were, you know.

How many bloggers out there can say that they have their own special blend of premium, gourmet expresso coffee?

Libertad Cubana.jpg

The folks at Contra Cafe have graciously created this expresso blend and packaging for us and will be donating proceeds after expenses to the Cuba Nostalgia convention fund.

So, if you appreciate a good cuppa Jose in the morning and you havent been able to help out with the Convention this year and wish to do so, now’s the time. Each one pound bag is $10, shipping included. You can use the PayPal button on the sidebar or if you prefer to pay by check, email me for an address. If you use the Paypal button, be sure to provide an address and specify that your donation is for the cafe.

5 thoughts on “And speaking of Cuban coffee…”

  1. Gusano,

    Exactly! I would have loved to have seen the roadside cafeteros. I swear I would have gotten outta mytruck and shaken their hands. Se la comieron pal carajo.

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