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  1. The sense of disappointment at major new organizations such as the New York Times is palpable. How about this paragraph:
    “Many Cubans said today that they preferred to have Mr. Castro recuperating, and that they still considered him their leader even if he is not at the parade.”
    Do you honestly think he interviewed anyone for that quote? Would “many Cubans” all be quoted saying the same mouthful? It’s so obviously made up. The reporter is projecting his own feelings onto the Cubans.

  2. Val is this how my $ 100 dollars is going to be spend in the next campaign for BUCL … Con muñecos de fidel castro ahorcados por las avenidas de las principales ciudades de EEUU y Puerto Rico ….. Wao..
    great idea , i am in with this particular campaign..el muñeco ahorcado de castro

  3. On April 21, 2007, fifo “held talks?” with Wu Guanzheng, a high-ranking Chinese delegate, for ONE hour (or so Cuba said). Soooo…. A short video taped address to the people would have been a piece of cake. Right? Nope. fifo (whom we all know suffers/suffered from verbal diarrhea) sends a written message instead.
    Soon, mini-me and mini mini-me will begin forecasting fifo’s appearance on July 26.

  4. Since Fidel Castro apparently has not even made an appearance at this year’s May first celebrations, where he most commonly, and as far as I can recall, always appeared and gave a very long speech [http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070501/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/cuba_may_day;_ylt=Apbz281O6j.v8gb3TV6KzFq3IxIF]. This is quite puzzling, and apparently at odds with reports of his improving health. What is more puzzling, since he (or some one who resembles him) could have readily been placed in the reviewing stand, without need of a Castro speech, and a pre-prepared speech could have been readily sent out on the loud speakers (for it is too far away to readily detect synchronized lip moviment). One explanation is that a lesson is being taught by Raul and/or the present Cuban leadership, and that this lesson is that Fidel Castro is no-longer even nominally in charge.

  5. He didn’t show because he can no longer function well enough verbally to be trusted with any kind of spoken message, not even reading something written for him (the physical appearance issue would have been relatively easy to “fix”).
    As a creature of verbiage, or verborrhea, he would have to say something, and if they let him, he’d make a spectacle of himself and give the lie to all those official assurances and stories that he’s still functional.
    A lot of people have been lying about his condition, and I don’t even want to talk about those Granma “editorials.” Anybody who believes he can still put something like that together on his own is at best hopelessly gullible.

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