3 thoughts on “Holy crap! Common sense from a potential presidential candidate?!”

  1. Amen Val.. unfortunately I think most people are too stupid to find out about Fred Thompson’s background and instead just say, “I recognize that guy from the movies”. But his acomplishments are way beyond the silver screen or the idiot tube and hopefully Thompson, being the excellent communicator that he is, will make that well known to the voting public if he decides to run. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Saludos my brother!

  2. I hope he runs and gets the nomination, but I have my doubts. The guy makes too much sense so he won’t get the nomination. You see, he is not saleable enough to the masses and Reagan comes only once in a Century. But I keep my fingers crossed. maybe it will happen. One thing I am sure of, he is not Teheran’s favorite candidate.

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